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When and where are the store championships

Is there a list of dates and locations for the upcoming store championships season(2016)? And if so where would I find said list

I know as far as PDX (where I am), things are still getting decided on, so I’d imagine the same might be true for other places. I get most of my information from our local Facebook group – you might check to see if the folks in your area have one.

Last year, Fantasy Flight released a list of all the stores running store champs, and I would assume they’re doing it again this year, just haven’t yet. This list won’t have dates however, so you’d still need to contact the individual stores for that.


thank you for the quick replies, i’ll keep my eyes out

No shit. They start in a week, theoretically.


Last year FFG released a list with all the stores. That made it easier for everybody to get together and contact the stores , construct a calendar and get stuff organised.

This year however , nothing yet. So people have to end up contacting all the stores that they know that might be interested in organising to see if they still want to organise and are organising.

I’m pretty certain it will have some delay.

My local store doesn’t have their kit yet, but has theoretically scheduleded it for mid February. I have two other stores nearby who have scheduled for 1/2 and 1/9… Ffg is cutting it close!

My local store, Desert Sky Games, has their SC scheduled for mid-January, so at least several things HAVE to be finalized at this point, right?

Being so new to the game, I’m hoping to go check it out. Maybe I’ll hop in, and take last place? :stuck_out_tongue:

FFG just sent an email to stores for receiving payment for the kits before shipping them out, therefore things should be posted fairly soon, as stores respond and confirm participation.

I’ve talked to one local store, they’re running one, but no confirmation on a date.