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When is the last moment you can rez Caprice during a run?

Hello everyone.
So I was in a game on Octgn, the runner breaks 3 pieces of ICE then tries to access my 2 unrezed cards in my remote server when I rez Caprice.
He then says it’s too late for this, that there was a rule thing about it and stuff.

So, was he right? I used to do the same thing with Jackson all the time without having any problem.

Yes, he was right. Caprice’s wording is rather unusual, and she must be rezzed before the runner passes the last ice on the server or she won’t do anything. This also means that if there is no ice on the server, Caprice must be rezzed even before the run is initiated.


He’s right.

Thing is, Caprice already needs to be rezzed at the instant the runner is done with the last piece of ICE if you want her ability to trigger. This is different from Ash, for instance - Ash triggers on “a run is successful”, and there’s a window for abilities after the last piece of ICE but before that moment. Same thing with Jackson usage, he can be rezzed and used in that same window you’d be rezzing Ash.

(also, no need to start a new topic per question, especially if it’s something relatively simple like this - if you don’t expect a long discussion coming out of it, use this thread instead :slight_smile: )

Caprice reads:

“Whenever the Runner passes all of the ice protecting this server…”

Therefore if you rez her after the runner has passed all the ice protecting the server, she wasn’t rezzed in time to trigger.

You must rez her before the runner passes all of the ice protecting the server, if you want her to do anything. That means before they start breaking the last piece of ice, or before you decline to rez it.

OK thanks for your answers!
@PeekaySK: Sorry, I wasn’t aware of that thread.

Here’s an excellent run diagram that might come handy :wink:

Source: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/17840015#17840015