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When will Upstalk release?

Does anyone know when Upstalk will be released?

Some guy on Facebook said his store said it was coming out this week but no official confirmation or any good reason to believe him.

Well, isn’t that cute…

FFG still has it listed as July. That sounds right. I’m guessing it will not be out for any upcoming Regionals, but will be for Gencon.

I’m gonna lay odds on next week some time. By the 22nd for sure.

Seeing as it’s not even listed as shipping yet–and once it’s listed as shipping it usually takes about 10 days–I’m going to call this not available for Philly regionals.

I’m starting to think the boat it was on got lost in the Bermuda Triangle somehow.

Meanwhile everyone at my FLGS is playtesting Some Unreleased Game with a bunch of proxies from scans someone found. It’s nice, but it’s no Netrunner, and it’s certainly not helping me playtest for GenCon.

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Cali customs at most of the incoming ports has been a nightmare for the last 2 months. There’s a good chance it’s sitting in a freight container somewhere waiting for some pencil pusher to click a button.

Maybe the Doomtown re-launch that db0 keeps creaming his Twitter pants about? :slight_smile:

It very well could be. (It is.)