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Where can i download symbols? How can i make them?

I’d like to get hold of some Android: Netrunner symbols, such as the set symbols and shorthand symbols (i.e. the credit symbol, the link symbol(s), the faction symbols), such as those used on NetrunnerDB. Does anyone know where i can get them?

I’d also like to be able to make some symbols. At the moment i’d like to be able to use them in a text document and at some point in the future i might also want to create some cards. I’ve tried using various simple drawing and image editing software but they all give me quite ‘fuzzy’ pixelated images, which are very much unlike those on NetrunnerDB and other websites on which there are crisp versions of the various symbols. Can anyone recommend some software and/or some tutorials?

Here’s a set that are freely usable under a CC licence.

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Does anyone know if NISEI are open to other people using their symbols?

Freshly released today:

I saw it but thankyou none the less @tvaduva.

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