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Where the Wild Agendas Are

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/where-the-wild-agendas-are/

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It’s definitely a common mistake not to run HQ. Sometimes I end a game realizing the runner ran HQ 0-1 times total (including when I’m the runner!).

Runner T1, HQ is (usually) better than R&D.
Because “draw-instal-instal-credit (or hedge fund)”.

This means that out of 6 cards, 2 or 3 have been played.

Runner T2, this is usually even better. Or worse if the Corp is actually rushing something.

This is the main reason of early Jackys :wink:

Good stuff! Thanks for the article.

I feel like there’s a bit of missed opportunity to connect this piece with one of the points in the Xenasis article about ‘Things to do to get better at Netrunner’:

7: Don’t Be Afraid of Giving Up Points

The flipside of this is that as a runner, you can recognize when getting an agenda in the remote would break you and maybe it’s better to deny a follow-up by starting to attack HQ - if the corp is not on game-point of course. I especially do this against decks like HB where scoring their agendas does not provide them as much tempo as an Astroscript or Nisei II, so in that case you basically have to pressure the remote.

Also, keep players honest when they “reset their hand” with Jackson. After the Jackson draw and reshuffle, smart Corp players will keep at least one agenda in hand if they sense they would be able to score it shortly after. If you have good central pressure (Despi, sucker, whizzard creds, etc.) and HQ is fairly accessible, go poke around a bit.

Also, shoutout to @dogs @xenasis @Inactivist who all edited this article.


Really great article, thanks!

It’ll be interesting to see how all this changes when Jackson leaves.

Quality article. Thanks for the insights.

Great read. Lots of useful reminders in there. I know I don’t check HQ as often as I should in the early-mid game.

Corps weren’t having enough issues?!? XD

Nice article, @SimonMoon!


Thanks for sharing this. Some people argues it’s statistically not correct, but the mindset is something that should be applied and it gives me the insights I’m missing until today. So thanks for sharing!

Great article name :slight_smile:

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@SimonMoon - can you tell me why R&D hates me?

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