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Which calls should Boggs retcon?

Just because a subset of players make an erroneous assumption about how a card works based on a poor understanding of the rules does not mean we should change the rules to make that assumption correct.

In effect, you are proposing to make Tyr’s Hand a non-conditional Batty that cannot be prevented or interacted with in any way. That is well above the power curve that we have otherwise seen for similar effects.


Aumakua says “Whenever you expose a card or access cards.” Explaining to someone that zero counts as a number of cards, not “the absence of the being of cards” is about as baffling as attending a lecture on French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

Anyone with a grasp on the real world would probably tell you that Archives is empty, Aumakua says “cards,” and so Aumakua should not, in any sane way, get a counter.

Boggs needs to go back in time and clean up the mechanics for “access” and “access replacement.” Just make access a more clearly defined step and not tied to the existence of cards.

Here’s another dumb one: Top Hat says “Whenever you make a successful run on R&D, instead of accessing cards, you may choose 1 of the top 5 cards of R&D and access it.”

Instead of accessing, you access. Got it, that’s all cleared up. How… elegant. :roll_eyes:


And yet, Standoff.


Touché :slight_smile:

I think Standoff may have had a different design intent (per the errata) that was implemented poorly in the card text.

Tyr’s Hand had a design intent that was very novel (rezzing a card and firing an unknown ‘prevent’ effect during the encounter window) but pretty weak as a trade-off for how surprising it can be.

Tyr’s Hand could be meaningful in certain circumstances (e.g. runner with too few clicks to click-break bioroids a second time). If Tyr’s Hand could be both very surprising and have a reliably powerful and unavoidable effect, it would be too strong imo.


It was pretty blatant Standoff was a mistake in the wording, which the FAQ fixed. Not because it didn’t make sense in the way it was originally ruled to work, but because it sucked so hard it took Worst Agenda away from Merger.

It’s a better Jemison and Argus card now.
It’s a worse Skorpios card.

if the “20th century french philosopher” faction becomes a thing you know im bringing ya boi derrida (or foucault cos like cmon)

And people are yelling at Batty…

Tss tss.

Jean-Paul Sartre : 0 link / 45 cards
When you lose a game, just pretend you didn’t then light a cigarette and move away.


“R&D is Other People”


I think Barthes created Adam and Derrida created Apex. Also…I would never play as Derrida. As a matter of principal. Ever.

These dudes fit pretty well in Shaper and Anarch.

Roland Barthes
Semiotic Multithreader
Identity: Natural
Link: 0 45/12
When the Corp’s turn ends, place a power counter on Roland Barthes if the Corp did not play an operation and install a card in a server during the turn. Once per turn, you may remove hosted power counters from Roland Barthes to install a card from grip with an install cost less than the number of counters removed, ignoring all costs.
If you haven’t considered everything, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Jacques Derrida
Cognitive Predator
Identity: Digital
0 link 40/8
Once each turn, you may declare meaningless a single block of text or subroutine on a Corp card you access or encounter. That text or subroutine is considered not to exist until the turn ends.
You think, therefore you isn’t.”


Derrida’s Console would be:

Deconstructor: Semantic engine
Anarch Hardware: Console
5 cred
X cred: Add link equal to double X for the remainder of the turn.
We’re always already connected.
Usual rule about only one console


you cant shoot jeeves model bioroids (with an s) because there are too many and you dont have enough ammo. thats always been my argument for why you cant shoot them. ITS AN ARMY, YOU ONLY HAVE 1 GUN MAN



That’s why you install all three guns and a hyperdriver.