Whispers in Nalubaale Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)

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I think Viktor 2.0 might be one’s best bet for the Viral Weaponization kill, but it seems like a lot of work to get them to facecheck (or Batty) VIktor when you’re rich enough to win the trace, and subsequently score a 4/2 and hope to hell they don’t have an IHW.

I don’t love Haarpsichord/Mwanza. The ID ability is a decent hedge, but if you’re using it, it means you just gave the runner an agenda and showed them at least one more.


At a GNK yesterday I played Azmari with Standard Operating Procedure and got 2c, 6c and 8c. 0 cost to get 5 credits is pretty decent, if you are willing to tolerate the variance but you can usually read their hand via your Azmari triggers. In Azmari it seems like a good switch from IPO (in Rush) or just another decent econ slot (in 6-Glacier or Wishbone). it also obviously lets you make a more informed Azmari ID call, but that’s a fairly minor benefit. I guess you could also play Salem’s.


I’m privately hoping that Personal Evolution with Mwanza City Grid can be absolutely devastating if you build it right, but Employee Strike’s continued existence makes it one Hell of a gamble to play. On the runner side, aggro Anarch with 3x Embezzle and 3x Mining Accident out of Kim seems like it has potential.

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“Remember the time-old rule that cards in your hand or deck, or protecting them, aren’t “in” that server and thus won’t trigger off this.”

Is this really correct? I thought it was only upgrades (in the root) that did not count as in the server? In that case, trashing cards in hand/deck should trigger Overseer Matrix, though it would still be pretty bad in centrals as it does not trigger on trashing itself or other upgrades.

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I think that might be right considering the rulings on Mwanza, though it still won’t trigger for the upgrade itself since it’s in the root.

Also with the UFAQ I’d bump up Jackpot’s grade slightly. I didn’t expect for it to trigger off Fan Site. It’s probably still not amazing - see Humans First - but if you pair it with Aesop’s Pawnshop that seems solid.

I’m having trouble seeing the pairing with Aesop’s - Jackpot trashes when used.

You’re correct. Cards in hand (HQ) and and deck (R&D) do count for Overseer Matrix. That’s why we have the interesting RNG/BBG ruling:

If a Runner with RNG Key runs on an R&D with Breaker Bay Grid rezzed in its root, what number does the Runner need to name in order to gain credits from accessing a Vanilla?

The Runner must name -5.

More to set a floor to the card, since a turn 8 Jackpot! is terrible. At least if you play Aesop’s it’s gonna be worth 3c.

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That really doesn’t count, because you can say that for any zero cost installation. It’s nearly as bad a reason as “feeds Faust” used to be.

But then you would be playing Aesops, and not film critic