Whispers in Nalubaale Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)

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Thanks for putting the text into the forum post. For whatever reason my firewall lets me see the stimhack forums, but not the main page.

I also think the Contaminate/Gravedigger synergy is real. Turns that go:
Click 1, contaminate my empty gravedigger
Clicks 2-4, use it.

Are basically maker’s eye turns. I think there’s real potential there.

Maker’s Eye, if it was also a Quad event, and required you to later run Archives.

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Somewhere between Maker’s Eye and DLR, both of which are good cards. I don’t think I’d include Contaminate just for that interaction, but if contaminate had 3+ targets in a deck and that was one of them I’d be happy. Kinda like how I have Dedication Ceremony in SSO to make my City Works hard to steal, but if I use it on Hortum to lock out Aumakua, I’m pretty content.

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I’m pretty sure they just figured out how to divide up the data packs in Kitara, then said,

“okay, release them in order from crappiest to dopest.” -Michael Boggs

This pack is nuts. I think the reviewers are slightly underestimating the virus package here, but it is hard to evaluate the power level of such a synergy-reliant deck. I also think Compile will be deceivingly effective, especially if shapers get some econ back so they can afford to break stuff with the program they pulled up.


They may be, but I must say… in my initial building and testing, it’s just so slow. Without Wyldecakes and the fact that you don’t actually want to bin your programs (i.e. No DeJa Vu, so Inject is not exactly the best choice), draw is more of a problem in that deck than in almost any other anarch. And without draw, good luck getting set up.

I’ve been toying with a Second Coming of the Can o’ Whupass deck, that uses SMC to speed it up, but I’m not finding the right mix, yet.

I also found this to be true. So much of my time was spent trying to fit money into the deck that I ended up with basically just some I’ve Had Worse and Earthrise Hotels. The rest of the time I’d have to be clicking for cards.

Sorry but I didn’t understand: is the Compile/Femme Fatale interaction working with the Ice currently being encountered?

No, Compile + Femme doesn’t work how you want it to. Compile triggers on encounter, so then you fetch your Femme. Femme then works on encounter, but you’ve already passed that trigger. You could Femme a different piece of ice, of course (maybe that innermost Tollbooth you’ll hit after the current ice).

It’s similar to Supplier rulings in the past, if you’re familiar. If you install a Daily Casts with The Supplier, you don’t get the 2 creds off DC immediately because it wasn’t active at the moment your turn began.


Thanks a lot for the clarification!

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As someone who actually played Noise Mill, using Progenitor+Gravedigger+Virus Breeding Ground… I’m not seeing anything that really gets me excited to try it. The draw is the issue. Currently I’ve been having the most success with Sunny if I want to play NetInstaller. I’ll still put together a Virus deck but it probably won’t be based around Gravedigger. (Hivemind+Chakana spam looks much more appetizing.)

Draw and actually getting into servers are the issues that none of the current viruses really solve.

RE: Compile…
I didn’t even notice that it pulls from Heap when I put in my review. I’m fairly certain this card is bonkers, and the only thing that can hold it back is that the Bottom Of Your Deck is the least-accessible place in Netrunner, besides ‘Removed From The Game’… Of note is that you don’t have to fetch an icebreaker with Compile, which can conceivably open up silly Brahman combos. Compile into an SMC is probably one of the least-efficient things you can do, but it does work… I’m intrigued!

Having tried it out a bit more, I’m finding that I’m running too much to make any use of Gravedigger. Between Freedom, (multiple) Imp(s), and normal trashing I can churn through cards in all four clicks on either RnD or HQ in any ice-lite corp (and even some bigger ice suites due to Trypano). That said, there are times when I could have pulled it out with SMC and didn’t because I wanted to run, and chose a different option… maybe I should just try it and see if it has legs instead of succumbing to my desire to run for all those virus tokens I get for a successful run.


Is it weird that I consider that a good thing? :sunglasses: