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Why I chose to come to Gencon 2017 last minute

It’s turn 9 already, the penguins are late.

Not entirely their fault though, not with a turn 1 like that. Double siphon into a wide open HQ, the penguins are scared.
But things are looking better now after 9 turns! We have made some money, we have well defended centrals and a crisium grid installed! Finally the penguins have arrived! It’s time to go next turn.
My opponent seems never gets tired of siphoning me, even with 6pts already scored, he still tries to steal more money from me, click 1 draw, click 2 install same old thing, 3 and 4 siphoning me again, don’t you see I have an upgrade installed on HQ!?:triumph:
I decide to teach him a lesson, a mistake always needs to be punished, I rezzed the crisium grid and siphoned myself for 3 credits, he chose to access a card instead like a sane person, picked the agenda and won the game, even though I could have just tanked the one siphon and combo off next turn anyway. :expressionless::expressionless:

Games like this always make me wonder why I’m still here playing in any sort of Netrunner tournament, let alone North American Championship. This year was especially a close call, not only I haven’t played netrunner for months, I also didn’t have time to keep up with all the slack technologies or spectate jnet games between celebrities or simply catch up all the recent packs. But most importantly, some of my favorite players can’t make it to gencon this year, making it hard to justify the value.

There were many times I talked myself out of going to Gencon this year, but in the end something more important caught up to me. I have never considered myself a very strong player, but throughout living in the wonderful community for 3 years, I have became good friends of many competitive players and therefore become a factor in many people’s equation on evaluating whether they will come or not, among those, there are people that’s much more famous than myself, people that weighed a lot in other player’s equation as well. Netrunner is the best card game I’ve ever played and probably the most original and stylish game design I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing hurts me more than seeing Netrunner’s declining in tournament attendants, news, activities, prize supports. The least I can do is come out when I can, support netrunner event, communicate with FFG staff and make it enjoyable experience for anyone else.

It’s all worth it, I’m so glad I made the final call on coming out without any preparation or even a deck. Not only because there are still some of my favorite people that made it there, I missed them a lot and would never get tired of hanging out with them, also because the amount of last minute help I got from players around the world was both overwhelming and heartwarming. I ended up making to the top 16 cut at NA nats, truly the power of friends. :sweat:

I also met some wonderful new friends and had some great games against them.
So here I am, after going to gencon for 3 years and worlds for 2 years, I’m still massively impressed by the game itself and the community quality each time I came out to meet people in real life. I had an absolute blast at gencon 2017 and feel really fortunate and proud to be one of us. There have been some upsetting lack of attention from FFG to netrunner and in time like this, it’s even more important that we stick together. Let’s keep netrunner alive please. I don’t want to lose this game.

I’ll update some more personal experience and deck choices about Gencon later, I still have a list of people to thank for and a list of people to put on blast zone. :skull:

So…hope to see all of you at worlds? :grinning:


Good post Ran. Also looking forward to meeting you and Tony (well probably not Tony) at world’s.

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probably not Tony :frowning: I’ll post more tony pictures


I’ve similar sentiments to share, so I’ll just throw them here rather than making a separate post.

This year I was unable to attend Gencon, and will almost certainly be unable to attend Worlds because I’m in the process of moving from Portland, OR to Trento, Italy at the end of the month. In the middle of trying to tie up my life here so that I can leave it for (at least) a year, I’m still attending 3-4 nights of Netrunner a week. I’m as annoyed as anyone about the lack of Netrunner infos, even when a lot of what’s coming is already known to many, and should really just be put out there by FFG by now. But I love this game, and will continue to play it as much as I can, both here, and when I arrive in Europe.

What has kept me going the most, and what I’ll miss the most, are the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met playing. As much as I love the game, I’d be nowhere with out the people to play it with. This includes not only people here, but those I’ve met from all over the US, as well as the Euro folks I met at World’s last year.

Special shoutouts (in no particular order) to @bluebird503, @ossa, @nobody, @Benjen, @saracenus, @grogboxer, @Joseki, @westonodom, @tmoiynmwg, @Zeromus, and any of the other fabulous players I’ve met who Stimhack will literally not let me list, because apparently there’s a limit of 10 user mentions per post =P. That’s probably reasonable, because otherwise I’m afraid the list would blow up into what would basically be a user list of Stimhack. In lieu of that happening, I’ll just say thank you, all =).

Keep Netrunner alive while I’m gone!



Instead of going to Worlds, just come to LA and play TI 4 with Ran and Tony. I heard she brought it back :grin:


alright, shout out time, 36hrs before gencon started, I have zero deck to play. so… I have many people to thank for.

=========ALL THE PROPS==========
as usual, super prop to @SimonMoon who always has my back and helps me with deck choices and game plans. He also yelled at me the most, gotta appreciate the rage.

I ended up listening to Europeans the most…that’s the rest of my dear xylo family @vinegarymink @Yoshi who also yelled at me a lot.

My final corp deck is from @shmeguy and my runner deck is from @gejben with some adjustment advice from @tmoiynmwg , you guys saved me for real. thanks x 1000000

Also props to @Joseki who selflessly shared with me all his decklists and kept me updated on all the changes. I would have brought those if I had time to practice the day before, but my flight got messed up so I had to go for some easier plan.

last, massive thank to @Webster and Atlanta crew who not only kindly let me stay with them, but also built my runner deck when I don’t have any card for it. You guys are the best.

also props to @cranked for an amazing foodcoats vs Andy game. good old netrunner.

I’m reaching the limit of mentions here, anyway I’m blessed to have such many support from the community, many of whom I can proudly call as my best friends instead of netrunner friends. Huge thanks to all that were there at gencon or not there, all of you made my gencon 2017 unforgettable.


First place baby

Get rekt Alex and Yoshi


I scored a Government Takeover.

GenCon 2017 was a time of miracles.

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I went 6 wins, 4 losses on the first day. Very fun tournament, lots of close games.


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Nice report @crfluency! Glad to be able to help out. When can we expect the list of people to be put in the blast zone? :smile:


Bad enough dominos got outed.

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I already drafted the blast zone… but I was told by @eric_c that I’ll be put on blast zone again, have to wait for the strike back.


0/10 woud not play PUBG with

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