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Why Skorpios is bad for Netrunner


Or “This Skorpios is not a Skorpios”



My actual T2 Skorpios deck is a morph Skorpios called “Crocodile Dundee” :slight_smile:

“This is not a knife.”
(played full sentries before)

-edit- oh ! I see what you did there !
Yeah, there are definitively common points :slight_smile:

It removes things from the game with autority, is not very effective and nobody loves it… Its best defense is end run or trash, and it’s a rush id, haha :smiley:

-edit- and it’s short. Oh boy, you will have problems, really big big problems !


It turns out it was bad for Netrunner, it’s just that the wrong people were running Netrunner.

Case closed.