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Why Skorpios is bad for Netrunner


Or “This Skorpios is not a Skorpios”



My actual T2 Skorpios deck is a morph Skorpios called “Crocodile Dundee” :slight_smile:

“This is not a knife.”
(played full sentries before)

-edit- oh ! I see what you did there !
Yeah, there are definitively common points :slight_smile:

It removes things from the game with autority, is not very effective and nobody loves it… Its best defense is end run or trash, and it’s a rush id, haha :smiley:

-edit- and it’s short. Oh boy, you will have problems, really big big problems !


It turns out it was bad for Netrunner, it’s just that the wrong people were running Netrunner.

Case closed.


It isn’t good for the game, simply because it gets an auto-win verses Maxx and Exile and some runner builds. Much as Whizzard wasn’t good because he got an auto-win versus near Earth hub and the like. Of course, the creators tried to combat Whizzards effect by making asset spam so out of control stupid that even he couldn’t keep up. (They should have just errata’d Whizzard and kept asset spam in its place).