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Wierd Kate deck

Hello all,

So been playing the game for about a year now and have been a criminal player down to my core since the beginning. However, after a while I decided to try my hand at shapers and have opted for playing Kate. Here is my deck list.

Cards: 45/45
Influence: 15/15

Levy AR Lab Acess x2
Diesel x3
Quality Time x2
Sure Gamble x3
Modded x2

Feedback Filter x2
Clone Ship x3
Cybersoultions Mem Chip x3

Corroder x1
Magnum Opus x3
Cresentus x 3
Gordian Blade x1
Sharpshooter x3
Deus X x3
Crypsis x1
Femme Fatale x1
Self-Modifying Code x3

The Source x3
Fall Guy x3

Generally this deck (in my mind) wants to sit back and generate a lot of money to pressure the Corporation late game. The key components for this strategy is to install a Magnum Opus very early (pref 1st/2nd turn) and generate tons of money. After a few games on OCTGN with it, I found that fast advance absolutely destroyed the previous version of this deck. Thus I included “The Source” backed up with “Fall Guy” in order to try and slow them down. To my surprise it fairly well, as the fast advance corps were generally ice light and so was fairly cheap for me to break through all their ice and have enough to pay for the extra cost of “The source”.

For glacier decks I find that “Deus X” and “Sharpshooter” combined with “Cresentus” deals with it effectively and costs the Corporation tons of money. The bonus of “Femme Fatale” also helps as well.

In my meta there are not that many Jinteki players, but those that I have played have generally come across some problems due to “Deus X” and “Feedback Filter”.

I thought I would share this with everyone for anyone looking for a different approach to Kate (at least as far as I am aware). Any tips/advice would be welcome.

Curious, why have you found Feedback Filter important? Especially since you seem to be focusing on a more passive strategy?

Thank you for your response. I agree for a passive play style it may not be the most orthodox choice of card, however I reasoned it out like this:

I am of the opinion that net damage that doesn’t kill you doesn’t matter, however if there is a case where it does then I would like to have some way out of that. I am by no means a master player and there are times where I slip up when calculating cards in my hand and how much potential net damage I might take. Having a backup helps me mitigate the potential errors I make. I am not making a lot of runs on centrals therefore there is no way for me to determine if they are playing traps, so when they do play something in a remote there are many possibilities as to what an advanced card could be.

Also with Honor and Profit being released and Jinteki getting more ways to dish out brain damage and net damage I find that at least I am a bit safer from Corps that rely on killing me as their way of winning.