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Wil-O-the-Wisp on HQ

Does that effect a Sneakdoor Beta run?

Seems like it would.

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Well if the Wisp effects an ice breaker breaking ice on the server it is installed on, how would ice on archives qualify?

That’s not what ‘Will-o-the-Wisp’ says. My ruling would be that WotW works on a Sneakdoor run.

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Compare the wording on Caprice (which doesn’t fire on a Sneakdoor run) and Wisp. Wisp does work in this situation.

I rwalize that but it is also not an asset… Which leads me to believe that if it is an upgrade to a server it is server specific. According to your interpretation, couldn’t a successful run on R&D or remote also be a successful run? Or are you illuminating that the text on sneakdoor to render that run successful as a successful run on HQ also causes the upgrade to trigger as if you broke the ice it is an upgrade on?

If that is so then you refer to the timing structure of 4.4 and 4.5? And all upgradse must therefore protect HQ even when accessing from another server.

Oh dear, I missed this reply. I’ll look at the wording on Caprice. I’m thinking I will understand after that.

It is server specific in that the run must be successful on the server that Will-o is installed in. Sneakdoor makes it a successful run on HQ, which means that Will-o can be used. As for the ice… Will-o doesn’t actually talk about ice at all. It is irrelevant where the ice is located, the only thing that matters is that at least one of its subroutines was broken with the chosen icebreaker during the run.

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We do have a rules question thread for these questions.

WoW fires on a run on archives
WoW fires on a run on HQ
WoW doesn’t fire when you Sneakdoor archives(WoW on archives)
Wow does fire when you Sneakdoor archives(WoW on HQ)

Edit: Didn’t read razalhague reply yet, but that pretty much sums up

I agree, after looking at Caprice and the wording of WOTW with sneak door it is very clear.

Thanks guys for your help.