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"Will there be anything else sir?" the Jeeves Thread

I am a Jeeves boy

I’ll keep you posted.

I have ideas for it in every faction. :slight_smile:


After getting thoroughly wrecked on jnet, I’m in agreement with the world champion.

Dan just doesn’t like it because it means anyone can take 4 clicks on a turn.


This is the thread where we post our ETF FA dex, right?



Can’t understand how you get IAAA with this build.

@spags I find event econ a lot better at triggering jeeves good call!

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Does anyone have an NEH Jeevs decklist? I’m working on one but the more I look at it, the more I struggle with how it’s any better than current astrobiotics.

The two methods I see are install -> subliminal -> sfss (gain click) -> advance to score a 2/3 from hand. Or biotic -> install -> sfss (gain click) -> advance -> advance for a 2/4 from hand. Or just biotic -> install -> triple advance (gain click) -> advance for a 2/4 (or an over advanced vitruvius to just put the biotic back in your hand). Pretty sure the math works out. Though I’m sure that there are other ways too.


Sfss additional cost can trigger jeeves ?

It’ll work a lot better once lateral growth is out? Atm seems clunky, but I’m sure lots of people will try this deck for a little while

EDIT: And yes soulraiden, sfss can trigger jeeves

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Worst part is, it will take just one Virtual Tour to make your opponent not want to run naked remotes.

Unless they are Whizzard.

But yes, look forward to our new robot overlord. This card’s impact on the game is going to reach far beyond fast advance, although that will be where this card lives exclusively for a while.


Yikes, play Subliminal then Blue Level and still have two clicks left? Is this right?

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This shit is dumb. I tuned it up even more.

Sublim, install 3/2, SFSS, gain click, Biotic, install CVS, advance, GG.


Or Cyberdex Trial and save the 3 credits, it’s an operation too!


This makes me wonder if Jeeves has a place in CI decks. Convulate the combo even more!

It’s only one click, so in CI you’re mostly better off playing Biotics. It can make gaining that one click slightly cheaper though. I guess it might be worth a try, but can’t really cut a Biotic for it.
Edit: the"first time"thing kinda sucks for CI though

Given that Jeeves has to see all 3 clicks, you could presumably overwrite him with another to gain another click later. After all, he apparently has no memory of what you’ve done previously with your turn.


so this whole being able to FA with zero credits at the start of your turn is pretty damn good.

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@shmeguy pointed out that lateral growth will be pretty good for this list… also helps with money a bit.

Of course… doesn’t come out for a bit.

I imagine we replace the blue levels with that card when it comes out.