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Win Conditions

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/win-conditions/

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About win conditions, you should have a look at Even Fairer PE, because it is one of the best deck I ever seen playing around this concept.

I don’t really know what you mean by “playing around the concept of win conditions,” because really any deck that is moderately competitive will have good win conditions, but I guess this deck has a (somewhat) forked strategy of flatline or Fast Advance. It’s not super proactive about its flatline strategy, instead hoping the runner just kinda accidentally kills themselves, but the FA strat seems somewhat decent.

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You’re right, but there is two more “win” conditions, or escape plan that exist there. Lock & choke.

FA happens during turns 9-13.

Classic scoring hgappens during turns 13-17.

Kill happens anytimes by accident, or because you provoked it.

Lock is used against a various number of strategy. This happen during turns 15-20. You get lock by putting “kill or score” threats or Chronosing a larla deck or other things (destroying horizontal play, or central runs, etc).

Choke isn’t very glorious, it’s completly passive, trying to “deck the runner”, this would work by turn 18+, as I can make discard something like 60 cards with that, it’s enough to kill any 1x Larla deck usually.

So what happens is your win condition always evolves, and depending of the matchup or the situation you can add or remove a few rounds to indicators I gave.

This is a very agile deck (I felt in love, sorry, after 150 games or so with that deck) and that what’s makes me thinking the study around the wincon is particularly good in this build (that’s not the first time I tell wincon are a strong point in this one).

Thank you Saan for your amazing articles, love all of them!

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