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Winning Decklists: Berkeley Store Championship 2014

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/winning-decklists-berkeley-store-championship-2014/

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Berkeley Store Championship 2014


Account Siphon x3
Dirty Laundry x3
Emergency Shutdown x2
Forged Activation Orders x3
Indexing x1 (3inf)
Inside Job x2
Special Order x3
Sure Gamble x3

Desperado x2
Plascrete Carapace x3

Corroder x1 (2inf)
Datasucker x3 (3inf)
Faerie x3
Femme Fatale x1
Parasite x3 (6inf)
Sneakdoor Beta x3
Yog.0 x1 (1inf)

Armitage Codebusting x2
Same Old Thing x3

45 Cards – 12 Anarch Influence / 3 Shaper Influence

Weyland – Supermodernism.

False Lead x2
Geothermal Fracking x3
Government Contracts x1
Hostile Takeover x3
Project Atlas x3

Snare! x3 (6inf)

Archer x3
Chimera x2
Enigma x3
Grim x2
Ice Wall x3
Wall of Static x3

Anonymous Tip x2 (2inf)
Beanstalk Royalties x3
Green Level Clearance x3 (3inf)
Hedge Fund x3
Power Shutdown x2
Scorched Earth x3
SEA Source x2 (4 inf)

49 Cards – 3 Haas-Bioroid Influence / 6 Jinteki Influence / 6 NBN Influence

Looks like hoobajoo on BGG’s decks? Did he pilot them? I don’t get these 1xbreaker and weyland rush decks at all—I’d love to see some streamed / recorded matches between good players with them!

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I believe so yes. I agree the 1xbreaker stuff seems incredibly weak. I cannot say I like the consistency of that deck at all. I am still pretty sick, but hopefully by this weekend if I am feeling better I will do some streaming with either Hollis / AlexFrog / OrangeDevil and we can do something like testing out various winning decklists against each other.

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It was hoobajoo/Martin Pressley. Here’s event-day video of this gabe deck playing against a TWIY rush and crushing it 7-2: http://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/1xwnc4/games_of_berkeley_store_championship_game_2/

The NBN play looks really questionable from this side of the table, and there are some lucky-ducky pulls, but it has that Criminal Good Stuff flavor. I remain astonished that you can win with 1x breakers and no recursion, but I face a ton of program destruction and ETR ice in my meta.

It’s tricky, definitely requires a bit of finesse and an adaptive playstyle based on what corp you’re playing against. I’ve been playing variants of Martin’s Leverage/Scumbag Gabe decks since he first posted them in August of last year, and the archetype’s been a favorite of mine ever since. Running naked or with Faeries does wonders against program destruction, and the Parasites/Datasuckers typically take care of early ETR ice. Sneakdoor normally ensures that ice is spread thin as well, making the Parasites all that much more effective. I went 8-2 with a very similar Gabe deck (1x breakers) at the World Championship and second chance tournament in Minnesota this past November. The scariest part with this deck against the current meta is Power Shutdown. With just 1x breakers, you absolutely must have a Faerie, Parasite, or Datasucker out to protect Corroder.

That game is especially notable because he lost his Corroder on turn 1 to Neural Katana in NBN (lol?), yet still managed to pull off a strong victory.

I actually talked to the NBN player online and he made several bad mistakes that cost him a very winnable game.

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Neural Katana is super-strong in NBN :). Knowing that (about the lost corroder) just makes me even more caremad about several of his decisions in that game :).

I think Neural Katana is quite weak in NBN (and yes, I’ve tested it), simply because it exacerbates your already serious weakness to Mimic. While NK is great in your opening hand in almost any deck, you can’t reliably draw it and it doesn’t provide serious protection once people have their rig. It’s possible to get lucky and snipe someone’s key cards or whatever-- but look at this game, where the Katana was basically as effective as possible and the Corp still lost!

Ultimately, I think one should play to consistency rather than just hoping for lucky hits.

Well, our experiences couldn’t be further apart, then :). NK has been a champ in my NBN rush decks! I wouldn’t say that the neural katana hitting a corroder cost the corp this game ;).