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Winning Decklists: Monster Comic Lounge Store Championship 2014 in Halifax, Canada

Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Android: Netrunner Deck Builder http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder

Identity: Whizzard: Master Gamer (What Lies Ahead)

Total Cards: (47)

Event (11)

Account Siphon (Core #18) x2 ■■■■
Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow #87) x1 ■
Deja Vu (Core #2) x3
Vamp (Trace Amount #21) x2
Sure Gamble (Core #50) x3

Hardware (6)

Grimoire (Core #6) x3
Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead #9) x3

Program (23)

Magnum Opus (Core #44) x3 ■■
Corroder (Core #7) x2
Mimic (Core #11) x2
Parasite (Core #12) x3
Datasucker (Core #8) x2
Djinn (Core #9) x3
Medium (Core #10) x1
Imp (What Lies Ahead #3) x2
Nerve Agent (Cyber Exodus #41) x1
Knight (Mala Tempora #43) x3
Crypsis (Core #51) x1

Resource (7)

Joshua B. (Cyber Exodus #42) x3
Data Leak Reversal (Future Proof #103) x2
Same Old Thing (Creation and Control #54) x2

Influence Values Totals -
Anarch: 64
Criminal: 8
Shaper: 7

Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Android: Netrunner Deck Builder http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder

Identity: Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers (Creation and Control)

Total Cards: (49)

Agenda (9)

Accelerated Beta Test (Core #55) x1
Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus #51) x3
Efficiency Committee (Creation and Control #5) x3
Priority Requisition (Core #106) x2

Asset (0)

ICE (10)

Eli 1.0 (Future Proof #110) x3
Ichi 2.0 (Creation and Control #17) x2
Fenris (True Colors #71) x2
Enigma (Core #111) x1
Quandary (Double Time #120) x2

Operation (30)

Scorched Earth (Core #99) x2 ■■■■
Shipment from SanSan (Second Thoughts #34) x3 ■
SEA Source (Core #86) x2 ■■
Archived Memories (Core #58) x3
Biotic Labor (Core #59) x3
Green Level Clearance (A Study in Static #70) x3
Blue Level Clearance (Fear and Loathing #90) x3
Reclamation Order (Double Time #111) x3
Hedge Fund (Core #110) x3
Restructure (Second Thoughts #40) x3
Subliminal Messaging (Fear and Loathing #100) x2

Upgrade (0)

Total Agenda Points: 20

Influence Values Totals -
Haas-Bioroid: 46
Jinteki: 0
NBN: 7
The Weyland Consortium: 8

Number of participants: 14

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But seriously. Nice to see CSI and Whizz get there.

I’m mainly thrilled to see someone else running Vitruvius over NAPD in CI. I don’t know that I would run that low of an ICE count…datasucker/parasite recursion seems like it would hurt a lot. Congrats on the win though.

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Ive only once had a game where I needed an extra biotic to score napd for match point… I won the following turn anyway. On the other hand I cant count the number of times napd has won me games - occasionally on the spot if I install advance advance it into a naked remote to flatline the runner for taking it.

I think that NAPD vs. Vitruvius is absolutely a judgment call. NAPD is arguably better in a vacuum, but Vitruvius lets you Fenris/Grim/etc. without the penalty.

Vitruvius doesn’t prevent bp (negative effects of Grim/Fenris), it allows you to draw a card from archives for free if it is hyper advanced.

I use it for either FA (1x biotic labor) or to hyperadvance by one (eg via Efficiency Committee//Shipment from SanSan combo). If it’s hyper advanced, I can use it to recur Scorched Earth right away. Depends on the game state, what’s best to do. 80% of the time I win with this deck it is via Scorching.

I agree that it’s a little light on ice, but with all the GLC/BLC and Archived Memories/ Replacement Orders I can cycle up a half decent protection in a reasonable amount turns.

Thanks for the posts btw, I’m interested in the discussion!

I was referring to the advance penalty on NAPD for BP, that Vitruvius doesn’t have.

@snake3yes: do you play on OCTGN? Unfortunately since there were only 4 rounds of Swiss I missed playing you at the tournament. Would love to have a game sometime.

oh right haha of course. Yeah, my love of Fenris has to do with avoiding NAPD in this deck too.

I sure do Chris. I’ll send you a message on Facebook with my alias there. Just a head’s up though, I normally use weird decks on OCTGN just to mess around or experiment with various cards and tactics. This week has been insisting on getting Awakening Center to work, splashing in Oversight AI, and pumping expensive cards back from Archives with Howler. Last 2 weeks have been NBN Tag Punishment (w/ psychographics/midseasons… I just need to find a way to force some more SanSan City Grid into that deck without compromising what I want the deck to be for it to kick a little more ass)…

Congrats on the win! Two of my fav identities too!
How many wins were flatlines and how many by scoring?

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Thanks! Heh… In this Store Championship, 100% by flatline, 0% other. I generally flatline around 80% or more of the time with this deck. I go out of my way to kill the runner whenever possible though, but that’s just a playstyle choice that I do for my own sadistic enjoyment.

I can only actively recall about 3 or 4 losses with this deck since I built it around Double Time… One loss was during the Tournament from the guy who won Regionals here last year. I would have had him scorched had I one more credit at one time. He was doing a super aggressive Kit/Omega build. (iirc with HQ interface and parasites as splash?)… So aggressive that I never even got the chance to pull my subliminals back into hand. Had I just one of those back all game he would have been dead. He knew what was coming though and he played into the deck excellently.

Very nice. I’m still a big fan of my Killer Hand, Bro deck. It still wins almost every game I play with it. It’s flatline dedicated, but if they double/triple plascrete it can score out the win (won 3 of last 4 by scoring a Priority out of hand with 3 biotics).

Do you have any Vamp counters in your deck? The one time I really lost bad was before I made the deck Vamp-proof and someone trashed my 22-card hand.