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Winning Decklists: NYC Compleat Strategist - January 2014

Sansan goes behind any ice early/mid game. Doesn’t matter which. tollbooth on r&d, possibly a remote in the late game. Same with archer. The rest of your ice, you are basically only playing on turn 1 or 2. Outside of the first couple turns, you are almost always drawing rather than playing ice. I trash lots of cards because of hand limits with this deck. Win through economic denial (sansan and recursion with jackson howard). Scoring astroscript off sansan puts the runner to a tough decision. Clearly you want to trash sansan, but in doing so you provide the corp and opportunity to draw heavily and astro chain. Not trashing it means beales are scored instead. Or you get hit by breaking news/closed accounts. All the deck does is try to overload the runner with the lose-lose situation of trashing sansan while astroscript is scored.

Shipment from sansan is amazing in the deck, too. If you are siphoned, you do not have to spend time making money if you have astroscript scored. You can continue your rush, unhindered. Siphon only really hurts you if you haven’t scored your first astro yet.