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Winter (Opening Moves) Is Coming

It has just been updated on the FFG website that Opening Moves is now “At The Printer.”

Obviously still several weeks to months out from hitting shelves, but this is the first notice we’ve had at availability since it went out of print.

Everyone get excited for Himitsu-Bako, Grim, Celebrity Gift, and John Masanori. Gorman Drip is in there too, but I can’t think of any other good cards in that data pack.


I know it’s probably intentional for humorous effect, but you overlooked one of the most influential corp cards of all time. I mean, it feels like every time a runner jacks in against HB they come up against Project Ares. I can’t believe they even printed that.

Anyway, it’s obviously awesome that people can’t scalp people over this datapack on ebay anymore. Free the cards. Hack the planet.


Quick, everyone get their Swarm while you still can!


I wonder if the new pawns will have the updated text on them.

I’m pretty sure they already released a bunch of updated Pawns with the original reprint they did right after Opening Moves first came out and sold out so quick.

I’m torn. I already have 2 copies of Opening Moves, but of course I want more. But for every pack of Opening Moves I buy, that is a pack that could potentially be in the hands of a player who needs it more.


my plan is a bit of both. I’m gonna pick up 4 or 5 and hoard them as “welcome to netrunner” gifts for after the reprint has run out. Meantime, I have about 12 proxy jacksons going, while the 3x real jacksons sit in the box. they only get sleeved up for tournaments.

Officially “On The Boat.”

The Data Packs are now significantly closer to re-release! Probably less than 2 months.

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I’m still trying to get what lies ahead and cyber exodus in Australia

Cyber Exodus - http://www.bookdepository.com/Android/9781616615963
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The frustrating thing is that there are plenty of opening moves packs left but people are charging over $100.

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