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World Champion on a Budget

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/world-champion-on-a-budget/

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Alternative title:

(Snow)Ballin on a Budget

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I’d also like to see if other people have suggestions for how to build out the World Champs decks. Picking up the Corporate Sales Team pack is useful, but there may have been another way to build these decks that I missed.


I’m celebrity Simon Moon and I approve of these decks.


I think having articles along the lines of “how to get into competitive Netrunner for cheap” is a good idea. It seems to be a common complaint with potential players.


Now I’d like to see a series dedicated to building out a collection through competitive deckbuilding. Start with these decks, then each week have people submit ideas for new decks built using the exisitng cardpool + 2 datapacks or a deluxe. You must use a different ID than the week before (I imagine this will result in decks switching between Kate and Whizzard, accurately simulating the full meta).

We do a weekly vote (or use NRDB likes, or something similar), and then that week’s packs are added to the current cardpool.


Damn, was hoping for advice on how to travel to world’s on the cheap, ie “save on lodging by sleeping in Damon’s garden shed he doesn’t even lock it,” that type of thing. This…this is still good though.


Really great post, Jonas. The last few paragraphs struck home for me, as someone who just did janky nonsense for years and had developed pretty shitty fundamentals as a consequence.

Any chance swapping 1-2 NAPD for Vitrivus and changing some WoS for Eli would improve the corp deck? I like the strength of the never-advance play in HB, but I’m not a champ of anything.

It definitely would, but you’d have to buy more world champ decks / vitruvius packs.

Reported for non-Elite commentary.

…but why male models?

Sorry, I really should have thought about that before I made my comment.

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