World's '16 Gauntlet

As we run up to Worlds 2016, I constructed a gauntlet for testing. Im using this list as a starting point and looking for feedback/omissions. Thoughts welcome!

Faction Archetype

HB Jammy Rush
HB Architects Glacier

IG 49
Palana Spiky Glacier

NBN CTM Tempo spam
NBN Sync EoI
NBN Haarp Shutdown BOOM
NBN Russian NEH
NBN Scarcity Sol

Weyland Argus/Titan Rush
Weyland Gagarin Spam

Faction Archetype

Anarch Dumble Whiz
Anarch Siphon Whiz
Anarch Breakerless Val
Anarch Minh Maxx
Anarch Omar unknown

Criminal Temujin Andy
Criminal Au Reviour Andy
Criminal Geist

Shaper Temujin Kate
Shaper Mopus Kate
Shaper Apoc Kate
Shaper SpyCam Hayley
Shaper Smoke Stealth

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I think its hard to start seriously testing at this point without inside look at the future packs.

Either way, I think you have too many decks here for serious testing guantlet(solely my opinion , your testing might work differently). Pick the best deck of each type(for instance you don’t need 3 rush decks in testing, if a deck loses to the best rush deck its probably got a bad mup against people that rush behind ice regardless of which faction). Pick the best kill deck and focus on that.

A testing gauntlet is mostly so you can quickly assess if a deck your testing can stand up to the big decks of the meta. If they do your not wasting your time, if they don’t then you are.

Once you have figured out if it works against the big decks start jamming against a broader field so you get comfortable with your deck against a variety of things.

Good luck with worlds testing.


Anarch Omar unknown #2
Anarch Omar unknown #3

Shaper Smoke unknown #1

I’m not sure it easy to say archetypes could not bump from outer space until the worlds.

One card can enable or rehabilitate a deck :wink: