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Worlds 2013

Had a great time at the World Championship with a couple of my fellow Michigan crewmates! The competition level was a notable step forward from the Nationals at GenCon, and the scene remains full of honest, open, jovial players who are a delight to interact with and play Netrunner against for 10 straight hours :).

FFG’s event center is also gorgeous! And serves a full cafe menu with burgers, craft beers on tap, wine, espresso, etc. TO YOUR TABLE. Amazing! FFG’s staff was cordial and welcoming, and it was great to see how many people came out to participate. There were 160 competitors on the nose, more than any other game (120 for X-wing, 110 for Star Wars LCG).

I ran into @Sirprim early, and kept in touch with him on his trek to the top-16. One of my buddies also made it to the top-16 as well! Major props to the both of them. I got to play several international opponents, some people I’d only played on OCTGN before, etc. Between regionals, nationals, and the plugged-in tour I’m starting to build a repertoire of familiar faces!

As I’m sure you’ve seen, Andromeda dominated the runner pool (13 of the top 16 and 4 of my 6 opponents), though I ran into a Noise and a Kate. NBN, my corporation of choice, made a strong, strong showing. I faced 3 NBN builds (all different!), and I think NBN was about 8 of the top 16. So even though the hated HBFA (SanSan variant) pulled the top honors, I had tremendous fun seeing so much NBN love out there.

Me? I didn’t have a whole lot of practice in, so I went with what I knew: I played a minor variation of my undefeated-at-nationals Andromeda deck, and a pure fast-advance NBN deck (a never-advance/ops-heavy variant I call NBN Silver) that I thought would give me the best consistency for a long day.

I got to start my day on the featured table, facing off against the defending World Champion Jeremy Zwirn, live on twitch.tv! That was really awesome–a high pressure way to start for sure–but also really cool. He had just taken the Call of Cthulhu title on the same stage a couple hours prior. You can watch that match on rebroadcast somewhere on twitch if you care to observe my nervous tics :).

I played a perfect NBN game, shutting out his Andromeda 7-0, which was a rush. Sadly, I followed it up by making two major blunders in my Andromeda game against his HBFA, and a 4-0 lead slipped away to a 4-7 loss. Those were the only blunders I made all day: I redeemed Andy with two perfect 7-0 matches (one a rebound against El-Ad’s HBFA!) later in the day. That deck is now 13-1 across Nationals and Worlds and I am proud of it—even if it is Andromeda ;). She gives up so few points–obviously 7 in my one loss, and 6 to a TWIY FA deck that I slow-played in case it was SE TWIY–never more than 3, and usually 0 or 1.

Sadly, it was not to be my day. I split too many other matches, the treacherous perils of variance on random R&D access costing me games I had well in hand (/me shakes fist at R&D). I finished in a pack of people tied at 8-4, and in 33rd place after tiebreakers–cold heartbreak for missing the cut by so little! Silly tiebreakers! I felt punished for having many of my early round foes drop, and afterwards brought up the subject of weighted SoS with Lukas in a deferential and roundabout manner :). He had already thought about it, so we’ll see if anything comes of that :).

Lukas remains gracious and open to conversation about the game, if tight-lipped about the future :). He did confirm that Reina Roja and GRNDL are the only IDs in the Spin Cycle, though. I hadn’t heard that before, so I thought I’d share. It was definitely cool to get a couple of chances to talk netrunner shop with the designer!

I’m definitely looking forward to the next season of organized play, with store championships feeding into fewer but larger regionals! Hopefully we’ll get more Stimhack folks out to Nationals/Worlds!

p.s. I still love my NBN Silver deck–it was sheer bloody-mindedness-of-the-universe that cost me two games with it; my other loss being a hard-fought battle with an Andy deck that was unexpectedly packing Atman (!).


Always interesting to read tournament reports, thanks for taking the time to write about it!

160 partecipants is huge, I heard there were only 140 for A Game of Thrones… and after just one year Netrunner is already the major LCG for Fantasy Flight? That’s something.

Are your decklists up somewhere, by the way? :wink:

Man, what a bummer!
I think Identities make the game, quite literally, since they can create new ways of deckbuilding thus creating variety… and if there will be just those two, I guess we’ll keep seeing a lot of Andromeda out there!

160 for Netrunner, 138 for A Game of Thrones, 114 for X-Wing and I am not sure of the final tally for Star Wars LCG, but I do believe it was in the 120-ish range. The impressive aspect of the various Worlds tourneys was the job FFG did. They paid for the flights for champions from Spain, Germany, Serbia, etc to allow them to play in their respective games.

FFG also ran many side tournaments like the Second Chance tourneys, Netrunner draft and League play for all of their LCGs. it was very impressive to see the turnout for their newer LCGs to be on-par with the Game of Thrones turnout.

Ah, I saw 60 tables for X-Wing, thus my belief that it was 120 people. I was told that there were 110 for star wars, and I saw at least 50 tables for that.

Since I didn’t have today off of work and had an 11 hour drive ahead of me, we left Saturday. Next year I definitely want to stay for the Sunday events too!

It was definitely awesome of FFG to pick up the flights for the foreign national champions. They were heavily outnumbered by North Americans, but it definitely gave the weekend more of a “world” feel!

My decklists are probably not surprising:

###[Vanilla][1] (46 cards)

  • [Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie][2]

Event (19)

  • 3 [Account Siphon][3]
  • 3 [Dirty Laundry][4]
  • 2 [Emergency Shutdown][5]
  • 1 [Indexing][6] •••
  • 2 [Infiltration][7]
  • 2 [Inside Job][8]
  • 3 [Special Order][9]
  • 3 [Sure Gamble][10]

Hardware (8)

  • 3 [Desperado][11]
  • 1 [HQ Interface][12]
  • 2 [Plascrete Carapace][13]
  • 2 [R&D Interface][14] ••••

Resource (8)

  • 1 [Bank Job][15]
  • 3 [Daily Casts][16]
  • 1 [John Masanori][17]
  • 3 [Kati Jones][18]

Icebreaker (8)

  • 2 [Corroder][19] ••••
  • 2 [Crypsis][20]
  • 1 [Faerie][21]
  • 1 [Mimic][22] •
  • 1 [Ninja][23]
  • 1 [Yog.0][24] •

Program (3)

  • 2 [Datasucker][25] ••
  • 1 [Sneakdoor Beta][26]

Built with [http://netrunner.meteor.com/][27]
[1]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/DwbXQ48JYoyYHeT6w
[2]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/andromeda-humanitys-shadow
[3]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/account-siphon-core
[4]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/dirty-laundry-creation-and-control
[5]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/emergency-shutdown-cyber-exodus
[6]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/indexing-future-proof
[7]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/infiltration-core
[8]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/inside-job-core
[9]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/special-order-core
[10]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sure-gamble-core
[11]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/desperado-core
[12]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/hq-interface-humanitys-shadow
[13]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/plascrete-carapace-what-lies-ahead
[14]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/r-d-interface-future-proof
[15]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/bank-job-core
[16]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/daily-casts-creation-and-control
[17]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/john-masanori-opening-moves
[18]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/kati-jones-humanitys-shadow
[19]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/corroder-core
[20]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/crypsis-core
[21]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/faerie-future-proof
[22]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/mimic-core
[23]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ninja-core
[24]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/yog-0-core
[25]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/datasucker-core
[26]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sneakdoor-beta-core
[27]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/DwbXQ48JYoyYHeT6w

Least valuable card? Daily Casts, surprisingly. They’re probably out in the next iteration, if I can find anything better to replace them with. I’d like more draw power or card tutoring, ideally, but would take tag-resistant drip econ. I’m going to try Prepaid VoicePADs.

Most valuable card? Ninja. My gameplan was to mulligan for Corroder and use Special Order to throw down a Ninja ASAP. It crushed so many Rototurrets and Grims so hard. Nothing quite like running archives for datasucker tokens, desperado money, and a card draw and seeing multiple Grim/Roto discards :).

###[NBN Silver][1] (49 cards)

  • [NBN: Making News][2]

Agenda (11)

  • 3 [AstroScript Pilot Program][3]
  • 3 [Breaking News][4]
  • 1 [Character Assassination][5]
  • 1 [Priority Requisition][6]
  • 3 [Project Beale][7]

Asset (3)

  • 3 [Jackson Howard][8]

Upgrade (5)

  • 2 [Bernice Mai][9]
  • 3 [SanSan City Grid][10]

Operation (13)

  • 3 [Beanstalk Royalties][11] •••
  • 1 [Closed Accounts][12]
  • 2 [Freelancer][13]
  • 3 [Green Level Clearance][14] •••
  • 3 [Hedge Fund][15]
  • 1 [Psychographics][16]

Barrier (5)

  • 2 [Bastion][17]
  • 2 [Ice Wall][18] ••
  • 1 [TMI][19]

Code Gate (6)

  • 2 [Enigma][20]
  • 3 [Pop-up Window][21]
  • 1 [Tollbooth][22]

Sentry (6)

  • 3 [Caduceus][23] ••••• •
  • 2 [Draco][24]
  • 1 [Rototurret][25] •

Built with [http://netrunner.meteor.com/][26]
[1]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/ZBnkYuDWKjArkdHFX
[2]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/nbn-core
[3]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/astroscript-pilot-program-core
[4]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/breaking-news-core
[5]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/character-assassination-opening-moves
[6]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/priority-requisition-core
[7]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/project-beale-future-proof
[8]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/jackson-howard-opening-moves
[9]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/bernice-mai-humanitys-shadow
[10]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sansan-city-grid-core
[11]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/beanstalk-royalties-core
[12]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/closed-accounts-core
[13]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/freelancer-trace-amount
[14]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/green-level-clearance-a-study-in-static
[15]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/hedge-fund-core
[16]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/psychographics-core
[17]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/bastion-creation-and-control
[18]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ice-wall-core
[19]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/tmi-what-lies-ahead
[20]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/enigma-core
[21]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/pop-up-window-cyber-exodus
[22]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/tollbooth-core
[23]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/caduceus-what-lies-ahead
[24]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/draco-what-lies-ahead
[25]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/rototurret-core
[26]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/ZBnkYuDWKjArkdHFX

TMI did work all day. I played tactical games with its on-rez trace in multiple matches. It’s solid, but I don’t want more than one or maybe two.

Most valuable card? Hard to say. SanSan/Astro is just so good, and I never lacked for cash at a critical moment. I did lack for ways to stop a determined runner wrecking my R&D. 1xTollbooth on R&D was the plan, but I rarely drew into it. I think I need more copies. Probably Beanstalk Royalties (for getting up from Siphon) or Astroscript.

Least valuable card? Bernice Mai. She did nothing all day. Literally nothing. In this deck, tag punishment is there to stall Siphoners or last-click Draco runners. I want her to magically become Snare!, but there’s no room :).

ive found bernice solid but unspectacular.

she goes on RnD vs shaper and on HQ versus criminal to punish indexing/siphon.

she can tax the runner when he comes to get san san in a remote

she goes in a one ice remote as a sort of next level play to bait the inside job.

personally i took her out in favor of cyberdex trial and marked accounts mainly because i didnt feel like she always flows in the same direction as the rest of the deck.

Hey, thanks for the shoutout, it was certainly a pleasure meeting you in person. Hope I can make it next year again :smile:

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They what now? :confused:

I won the UK championship and was never offered anything of the sort… I was even in NY for vacation and would’ve certainly dropped by if I knew they offered something like that!

As far as I know, the german publisher paid for my flight and FFG paid for the hotel (and it was the price for making 1st place at german nationals).

I think it was supposed to be the same for other national champions. Sorry to hear, that nothing was offered to you.

I am extremely disappointed right now. I know the UK distributors suck, but FFG offering some people hotel expenses while neglecting others sounds kinda… well, shitty. Did I have to explicitly ask, or something?

I honestly don’t know. The german nationals were always advertised with a trip to Worlds as first prize.
I can’t begin to imagine how you feel though, sorry again.

I’m guessing it was the distributor and not FFG and I’m getting angry for no reason right now. :slight_smile:

Still I’m gonna ask the TOs for the UK nationals and see what’s up… maybe I can then write an extremely angry mail to FFG and get them to send me some promos or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: So apparently FFG offered the UK distributor to pay the expenses for one champion, X-Wing or A:NR… and they chose X-Wing. (sigh)

I’m surprised there haven’t been any session reports on either Stimhack or BGG for either the winner or runner-up

The winner is working on a report for us. Still waiting for it to be finished.

Not even FFG have a report on their site…

You guys aren’t exhausted with tournament reports though?

I certainly am, and I have been since about June :frowning: To each his own though; I’m apparently the one in the minority or we wouldn’t have seen so many of them!

I find it bit strange that FFG tries to push the competitive and organized play but they don’t post any articles or deck lists of Worlds 2013. Streaming was a good idea but it was hard to find and not well advertised. They could post the videos on front page. I would like to see Worlds a bit bigger and hyped event, no it feels more like a local tournament in somewhere. Lets hope CardgameDB will turn out to be a bigger thing. Now it is quite lacking with constant good Netrunner articles.


For real… I think everyone got burned out after worlds or something…

But this is precisely the sort of event that needs to be publicized and reported on to keep this game’s hype growing.