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Worlds 2014 - Top 16 Decklists

Wow. To borrow from the FFG commentators, THAT is an interesting choice.


I seem to remember @SamRS cutting them altogether when he placed 2nd in the Tulsa regionals. I suppose El-Ad figured people were playing around it well enough that the threat of it was enough, and the card slots could be better used?

Maybe, but I think you really need 3 against Glacier and it’s pretty great vs Weyland as well.


Murders RP.

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It’s a metagame call. I cut them in a metagame of HB and NBN where they always had something to rez in response, and every nbn ran tag punishment. NEH doesn’t punish tags and jinteki can’t rez anything bigger than 2, so siphon’s pretty good right now.

Tell that to the UK Champ, who had his Accounts Closed in the top 8 by @Basoon.


The look on the FFG guy’s face when the Closed Accounts hit was absolutely priceless.


Minh - Belgium - Andromeda and Jinteki: PE

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie
45 cards
Influence: 15/15

Event (15)
3 Account Siphon
3 Dirty Laundry
1 Emergency Shutdown
2 Inside Job
1 Legwork
2 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (6)
3 Desperado
1 Feedback Filter•
1 HQ Interface
1 Plascrete Carapace

Program (14)
2 Corroder••••
2 Datasucker••
2 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
2 Medium••••••
1 Mimic•
2 Passport
1 Sneakdoor Beta
1 Yog.0•

Resource (10)
2 Bank Job
3 Daily Casts
2 John Masanori
1 Mr. Li
2 Security Testing

Jinteki: Personal Evolution
49 cards
Influence: 15/15
Agenda points: 20

Agenda (12)
3 Fetal AI
3 Gila Hands Arcology
3 House of Knives
1 Philotic Entanglement
2 The Future Perfect

Asset (13)
2 Jackson Howard••
1 Project Junebug
3 Psychic Field
3 Ronin
1 Shattered Remains
3 Snare!

ICE (11)
3 Eli 1.0•••
2 Enigma
2 Komainu
1 Neural Katana
2 Pup
1 Yagura

Operation (13)
3 Hedge Fund
3 Mushin No Shin
3 Neural EMP
1 Scorched Earth••••
3 Sweeps Week••••••


Stupid 1 of Closed Accounts :smile:
Was a good call, was the card that won him that game from my point of view.


btw, hhooo = Niles Stanely. I played Andromeda & Jinteki:RP

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Ah thanks, want to post your lists?

Yup! Will get it in a bit, putting a little blurb on the NDB post. :smile: Thanks for organizing

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Joe Held




Hey, he told me that he didn’t run Inside Job!

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Heh, I played local tourney this weakend and have won it with very similar Noise deck. 5 card difference may be, not crititcal diffirences like no plascrete carapace and lamprey over nerve agent.

Is Siphon good vs Blue Sun. I guess so, but only early and as economy. The only denial against blue sun is derezzing their ICE.

I’m also surprised by Sweeps instead of Cerebral Overwriter in Minh’s list. 2 inf for a conditional Hedge Fund seems awkward to me. Must make the shaper matchup a disaster. Still, got to the final of the World Championships. Must be doing something right!


I’ve since seen @mtgred’s post in the other forum. Interesting!

You don’t have to play Cerebral if other PE players will. :stuck_out_tongue: I would say Cerebral is a stronger in the deck and the main card which makes Mushin work but the existence of Cerebral is sometimes enough. I am not sure if 3xGila is needed with better economy cards. I really like False Lead in PE.


Or Chronos. Both of his losses were to PPVP Kate. Chronos would crush. Sweeps was great, as it got the traps online ASAP, and, it can always work as people will always hold cards v. the deck. The Elis could’ve been Cerebral and the 3rd Howard, but, if you get people clicking through them, they’re a great call.

Everyone take note that Joe’s RP deck has 54 cards and give him shit


Holy shit. El-Ad only had one siphon.

My one regret about the deck is that I did not remove that last Siphon for a Hostage.

AS is mostly useless versus NEH (which I expected to face much more of). Personally I did not find it very useful versus RP Glacier (as they’ll probably Caprice HQ versus Crim, and have a ton of money anyway). It’s somewhat suicidal against Blue Sun (unless you immediately remove the tags - in which case it’s not very useful).

I play Andy as a control deck, less of an aggro build, so I did not use AS much in testing. Decided to ditch them the day before the event and I did not regret it for a second. The almighty DD and a second Daily Casts served me much better, in my opinion.

Besides I guess I’m not ballsy enough to play AS :grinning: