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Worlds 2014 - Top 16 Decklists

Has Timmy’s BS deck been posted anywhere yet?

To the stakes with him! Who cares about the clear advantages 54 vs 49 gives?!



I’m honestly curious as to how the Andy build held? I’m guessing your Corp deck crushed, as most people’s did on the day. You at least split as Runner in T16, maybe went 1-2 (don’t know what you played in your last game). You went 8-4 in the Swiss, so, did your Andy go sub-.500?

Just curious.

Yep! In fact, all of my loses were runner. Out of nine Runner games, I ended up 3-6 - 33%, which is reasonable given that elim was 23-8 in favor of Corp, IIRC (so 26% runner win rate?).

My last elim game was runner - and probably the most embarrassing defeat ever (forgot to change Sec Testing from remote to archives even though I knew Timmy had agenda there).

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That T16 was a charnel haus for Runners. The exact opposite of last year’s Worlds.

EDIT: I know I’m glad they got rid of WSW, but, I’m guessing you were pretty stoked. :wink:

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I wholeheartedly agree. At this stage I would usually go into my usual AstroBiotics spiel (and how it perverted the meta significantly) but hopefully that is no longer relevant. I hope next season (starting with store champ) is going to be a bit more balanced between the two sides.

OH yes, definitely! I wouldn’t have won Canada either.

My National/Worlds preparation was based on 100% win rate with my Corp, and stealing wins off NEH with Andy. As far as I’m concerned that mission has been accomplished - my NEH gameplay is nigh-unbeatable, and I got critical wins off NEH in both Canada and Worlds.

I hope next Worlds will be a bit more interesting.

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I actually thought that this Worlds was pretty interesting. There will always be a dominant faction for both sides, and you happened to play both (part of the problem?). The fact that 3 of the top 4 were not NEH was awesome, IMHO. Great play and deckbuilding trumps powerful archetypes in this game. If you combine both, like Dan did, you’re the winner.

Damn shame the entire Lunar Cycle wasn’t out. I think Leela’s presence would have sent a number of those NEH switching sides. Could be wrong.


More importantly (to me), his Gabe list. He was one of the most successful runners in the T16, I want to see what he had to do it with.


Will Leela really be that good though?
It’s not like you don’t have a bunch of assets that you don’t really have to rez.

Leela is in a unique position of being good against both PE and fast advance, while being less relevant against glacier. She would have been a big shakeup.


I don’t know how many top tier players would have sleeved up Leela over Andy, any way, especially if she was very new.

She seems positively terrible to me


Leela looks really interesting but I feel like she’ll end up the same place as every other non-Gabe criminal: every time you build a deck you eventually realize that you’d have a better deck if you replaced the ID with Andy.

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The runner chooses which card will be bounced, so having unrezzed assets won’t help you much. Against Leela, it’s risky to, say, Biotics out an Astro with a single unrezzed ice on HQ, because she’ll bounce it and siphon or legwork you. I don’t think she’s Andy-good, but I’ve had her played against me and she’s surprisingly effective/annoying.

It could just be one of those IDs where you need a little practice as corp, though, and then you’re set. I guess we’ll see.


Sure, but even so bouncing a ICE is probably OK even on a vulnerable server if you score that first astro. And it’s not like the runner can afford to take a passive role against NEH anyway so you will get opportunities to rez stuff no matter what.

She craps all over mushin PE. Give her a shot.

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I think that silluette can deal with both very well. Wonder what happens with chicago deck.

I plan to test her today btw;)

Spags, why do you think its great that NEH wasn’t in the top 3? I’ve seen lots of people say this. The reason I ask is because for me it didn’t mean anything, as almost all of the NEH players went out based on runner games (both of us included?). Or am I missing the point?


I was watching the livestream and that hurt me. We were all thinking, “Why didn’t he access? What are those credits…OH. OH NO.”