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Worlds 2014 - Top 16 Decklists

I’m a fan of the underdogs, and tech’ing out against the meta, and then tech’ing against the tech. NEH was the most represented; I really didn’t want to see it win, myself included.


Makes sense.
As I was saying at Worlds, the fact that there was very little variety in corp decks was the only bad bit of an amazing trip. (7 out of 8 corp games being NEH).

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Sorry to hear that. My corps were: 3 NEH, 3 RP, 1 Tennin, 1 PE, 1 Blue Sun

I played against 3 Blue Suns, 3 PEs, and 3 NEHs. Lost every single game vs NEH ;D


Yeah, they were brutal. I only beat Jens due to an early Legwork for 6. :\

@aandries had an awesome Runner deck; I should’ve played it. He finished 6-1, only losing a tight 40 minute match to Mihn after getting double Sweeps’d as Andy turn 1. Beat NEH in Rounds 6 and 7, 7-0 each.

To quote the Jinteki Master:
"Another highlight of the deck at Worlds was round 5 against Andromeda. I
played Sweep Week first turn. My opponent and the people around were
cheering at the surprise. Then came the 2nd Sweep Sweek as click 2 to
the loud cheers that could be hear across the room. ICE on HQ was click
3. On his turn he ran R&D and hit… Snares! Two turns later his 2nd
access was … Snares!. What a bad luck for him "


Can we all start saying this every time something remotely unfortunate happens? (Extra points for incorrect pronoun or tense)


If you add to your observation that NEH players lost due to runner matches, the fact that 50% of the top 16 were NEH, it is reasonable to assume that NEH is probably the best competitive corp ID right now.

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I’m on it.

And if you add to your observation that the World Champion lost all 3 matches versus NEH, it is reasonable to continue to assume that NEH is probably Not Even Hard.

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Btw, if Spags and Dan went (between the two of them) 1-5 vs NEH, what hope is there for the rest of us? We are DOOMED!


Just saw your comment after I finished mine. Absolutely correct. At least it makes me feel good knowing that Dan’s netrunner game shares one single thing with mine.

I went 10-2 against NEH over the weekend. Don’t lose hope!

Edit: Math derp. Only 8-2.


fyi the clickthrough on Dan’s QT Andy leads to his Corp deck. maybe a weird glitch. the meteor URL below QT Andy list still works

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To be fair to myself, everyone who I played against using NEH was a complete lucksack and in no way deserved their wins. That counts double for @spags.


Fair. I could say the same about every access you made on R&D scoring an Agenda. #getlucky


One year ago today


Hey, at the 2013 regional I won, my NBN was the only yellow in a sea of blue (and my best servers were usually Chum into Hunter). Things change, yo.

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If we talk about good old times, ok, here is my first tourney decklist. First place at 8 people event^^

Chum into hunter is defenitly OP.

Has to say that year ago jinteki as taxing corp was tottally unbelievable. It was the weakest faction and only hollis make them playble at decent level with his work compression theory. All glory to hollis!


Yeah, amazing how times change.

BTW, speaking of luck sacks, what was up with that final play? I’m was s bit unsure, as we watched it on @Nordrunner 's tablet in a Culver’s on the way home. Did you really take back an Install-Advance to lure Mihn to a sure deth? If so, I’m shocked he allowed a take back. Not sure what was going on, but, if that was the case, sketchily well played?

rp player used 4 clicks in that turn.

playing too fast, using dices and taking mental shortcuts is bad for the game and should be forbidden.