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Worlds 2015 Southern Wisconsin carpool?

I know worlds is still a ways away, but with registration coming up soon, I wanted to see if I can find a group or at least one other person to carpool to worlds with from my area. I’m not 100% on going as I am more a casual than competitive player, but being able to share on gas and possibly a hotel would definitely be great. I live in Madison and will be at the 5/30 I’m Board regional, and I’m looking forward to meeting more people there.

Not in your area, but reminder that you N E E D to prereg to enter events.

Dont be on the fence. You only hurt yourself since every event is limited tickets, and ANR is the most popular (2nd most at worst) game that FFG has.

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There’s only 3 people that have regularly gone out to worlds, but I’d love it if we had more of a presence. Look for me saturday and we can talk about it. (I’ll be one of the guys with a store champions mat)

That sounds good. I just figure it is close enough that it would be silly to not check out worlds at least once.

I’m also provisionally interested in going but it’ll really be up in the air as I’ll have a newborn by that time.