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Worlds 2016 - Legend of the Threepeat

Worlds 2016. The event is almost upon us. We know the major players, the major decks, and the available packs. Which players will be victorious, what decks will emerge as the best, and/or will Dan threepeat?

Obviously, we’re six whole months days out and there can be were some major changes between now and then, but let’s start talking about it. And laying out plans for fan events!

Anything spoiled in Flashpoint so far that we think will make an impact, and what dex do we think are going to have enough staying power to remain good through the Fall? MWL Changes?

I want to make this THE thread for Worlds 2016, so let’s install some Resources:

Map of Surrounding Areas
@JoelCFC25 has created a map of the surrounding areas to help you schmucks from out of town get around. Click here to open the map. Included are:

  • FFG Event Center Location
  • Lodging
  • Restaurants
  • Mass Transit Lines

Breaking News – Pack Legality

Very recently FFG changed their Upcoming Products to list Intervention as SHIPPING NOW.

As far as we know, this pack will NOT be legal for the Worlds 2016 Netrunner Tournament. According to FFG’s own FAQ, packs must be out and available for 11 days prior to an event to be legal.

Should this situation change, I will update this post to reflect that.

Worlds 2016 Schedules
The whole event is November 2nd–6th, but I think most of us only care about the Android: Netrunner parts. I have taken the liberty of adding those, but these are links in case you nasty:

Non-FFG Side Events
Please PM a brother with deets on your side events and happenings in the area and I will get them added to the list. Name of event, location, special rules, prizes etc…

  • Digital Kumite - King of Servers 2016 - @Spags of the ANRPC and Stimhack Forums will be putting on a four-person-teams tournament. Team registration handled in the linked thread, Novermeber 5th at 10:00AM Central Time, and the cost will be $25 per person. See the event thread for additional details.

  • BetRunner - Worlds 2016 Fantasy Draft - @anon50033301 has put together a draft of the Worlds 2016 competition to see who’s the best at sizing up the event. No official prizes announced, so right now we’re just looking at the best prize of all: Bragging Rights. Update: ANRPC prize support confirmed by @spags. Hail spags!

  • Original Netrunner Sealed Deck - @ff0x will be running a sealed deck draft tournament for up to eight (8) people each round. A few extra rounds are expected, tentative time is set for 2:00PM Central Time at FFG, and the cost will be $5 per person. See the event thread for additional details.

  • More? Your event could be listed here!

Netrunner Tournament Docs
Current documentation and tournament rules for Android: Netrunner. Don’t show up to the event without knowing this stuff. Any updates to these will be added as they are posted.

Please PM a brother with other hotel options if you’re aware of close hotels. I live here, so I never really needed to look for any. Here are some (but not all) of the options:

  • Raddison - This is the haunt of most of the Stamherk crew during Worlds. It is within walking distance of FFG. Call 888.333.3333 and mention ‘FFG World Championship’ for a special group rate!

  • Key Inn - Another hotel within walking distance of the Event Center, though a little further than the Raddison. Probably cheaper.

  • Red Roof Inn - Another cheapo, this one is further away than Raddison or Key, but you could hoof it to or from the Event Center if you’re car-less or drunk.

  • Motel 6 - If you’re not going to be in your room a bunch, and you want it cheap, here’s your place! Next to the Red Roof, so it is also a hike to the Center.

  • Holiday Inn Express - Also super close, though not in walking distance.

Worlds 2016 Information - Including Registration Primer!
Long and short of it is that “the initial wave of registration for the 2016 World Championships goes live at 8:00AM CDT on July 5th. The second wave of tickets will go on sale at 2:00PM CDT on July 6th. The third and final wave of tickets will go on sale at 8:00PM CDT on July 7th.”

Worlds 2016 Registration Link
I am going to attempt to post a direct link to the Registration Page when FFG posts it – Check this space again on the following Dates and Times:

  • July 5th at 8:00AM Central Time
  • July 6th at 2:00PM Central Time
  • July 7th at 8:00PM Central Time
  • August 19th at 12:00PM (Noon) Central Time Second Chance Registration was done via Random Lottery and Email Link for those that filled out the form mentioned above. Example of this email at bottom of post.

Regarding Registration Issues & Last Chance Lottery

FFG has posted a article + questionnaire about issues with Worlds Registration. If you had issues, see that article here and you can access the questionnaire here.

If you filled one out and indicated Android: Netrunner as your primary interest, you may have received an email for Second Chance Registration. See the bottom of this post for an example!


Example Second Chance Registration Email


Hoping for King of Servers return also - Its going to be hard to top the fun from last year but i have faith it can be done. @spags


Agreed. KoS was a blast. Beer, Netrunner, comrades in card flopping… What is not to like?

Hey, speaking of card flopping, I need to hit you up for a game this year! It took me four days last year to annoy Hollis enough for one!

Team GB are looking at flying another squadron over this year, although some people are doing frivolous things with their money like buying houses or other nonsense and might not be able to come. Who know’s what life will throw our way, but with any luck, there’ll be a posse heading over once more.

It’d be nice for extra-curricular activities again like King of Servers or heading off into the city for some Basketball. We liked that.

I think most National Champs got put up in the “Roseville Key Inn & Suites” last year? I wanted to hang with the gang, so booked the Radisson like everyone else.

If Dan wins again he has to buy everyone champagne. Fact.


lol for sure look forward to it

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Is this the same Team GB with the illustrious Dave Hoyland aka @Cerberus? If so, I remember facing you gents at KoS. That team was scary good.

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Can’t spell scary without PROJECT JUNEBUG!


Seriously looking forward to this again this year! Might get some of the other San Diego folks to come too, more strength in numbers. Honestly the best part is playing with and meeting cool people.

I was the king of these last year, eh?

I’ll see what I can cook up this year.


Also, Radisson booked. $109/night with FFG group rate.


You were. Thanks for that. It was a blast. I was really hoping you’d do a KoS 2016, but I’m down for whatever as long as there is beer involved. Even if the community just organized a meetup somewheres to jam a few side games.


That was a mere taste of our awesomosity. Dave, Zack, Alex and Laurie made up Team Turing who run. Myself and Tim jumped in on getting in the Top 16 (along with Dave and Zack) and several others did damn good jobs over in the Colonies too.

I think about 13 or so made it, plus one or two other randoms that turned up on the sly.

David Cameron’s on your team? Uh-oh!

Yes, I’m an American dork, why do you ask

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He supplies the bacon to the Radisson


I will buy 30 bottles of champagne if I win, funded by whichever dolt bets 10:1 against me this year.


There isn’t room for 3 World Champions below your name. That being said, we should really start a pool to see who wins worlds.

Does “Museum” count?

Like, will it be a Museum deck? I honestly can’t imagine playing netrunner without it, everytime I do I get decked by Noise haha.

I don’t think we’ll see a Museum deck win. I think it will be like the the Convenience Shop deck, were a lot of people will bring it but there will be a ton of tech against it too.