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Worlds 2018 Fine Dining

Last year, 16 of us went to Travail.


I have some feelers out for going back this year. Due to the split Swiss + King of Servers, there’s no good day to go, so I’ll be going on my off day (I’m a Day 1A Swiss player).

I’m going to try to get tickets for the following:

Saturday, September 8th
5 PM seating

Note that this is DURING DAY 1B. The chance that Swiss will be over by 4:30 PM is ZERO given the start time. So if you’re playing Day 1B, this outing is unfortunately not for you. :sob: There’s just no good day to do it, but I’d rather do it on a bad day than not do it at all.

However, Travail is open Wed - Sat, so if other groups want to go on different days, I highly recommend it! Tickets for September seatings will go on sale next week.

If you want to do this and are on Slack, come join us in #food or #worlds and @ me there to let me know. As with last year, between food ($109 ticket) and drink pairings (optional but about $80) plus tax and tip, you can expect to spend about $200.

If you want to do this and aren’t on Slack, post here and @ me.

What I need to know:

  • how many people you have
  • whether you want drink pairings
  • any allergies in your party


If we have <= 8 people, I’m just going to use their ticketing system. For more than that, I’ll have to contact them separately. Either way, I’ll provide PayPal / Venmo info to the attendees once I have confirmation from Travail that they can seat us.


FYI, if you get drink pairings you will be drunk at the end if you finish them. Be safe. Plan a ride.