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Worlds Fantasy Draft (Betrunner) is CURRENTLY LIVE! Register your team now!

UPDATED: WE’RE LIVE! Go to emergencyshutdown.net to play now!

Hermit has kindly agreed to host the Worlds Fantasy Draft, otherwise known as Betrunner, on emergencyshutdown.net for yet another year!

However, instead of a single mastermind (josh01) spending tens of hours poring over tournament results and coming up for a rating for each player, this year we need everyone’s help to put the draft together! Since nobody involved has the kind of time josh01 used to devote to this, we’re asking everyone who’s going to worlds (and believes they’re worth more than a write-in, ie. more than 1 credit) to fill in this google form and rating themselves as honestly as they can. Then the results will be moderated by a secret panel of experts who will adjust people’s ratings up or down if they think you under- or overrated yourself. We’ll be collating results for a few days, and hopefully have the final ratings up on emergency shutdown next weekend.

Q. I’ve never done a Betrunner draft before, how does it work?
A. You draft up to 5 from among a list of high-level players confirmed to be going to Worlds, and each worth 3, 6, or 8 credits. You have 25 total credits to spend. Then after Worlds you are awarded marks according to your team’s performance.

Q. I don’t know how much to rate myself
A. Typically, previous world champions are worth the maximum amount (8 credits), whereas unknown players with no strong tournament showings (you can write in someone who you know is going but isn’t on our list) are worth 1. People are worth points in between those values depending on how many and how prestigious tournaments they’ve placed in, how consistently they perform, and how recent their known results are. For example, Spags, a player who consistently places in the top cut of any tournament he attends, was rated 6 credits in last year’s draft. If you think you might be worth 3 credits, consider if you would earn the person who drafts you half as many points as someone like Spags did. (For reference, finishing at 10th place last year, he earned 70 points, and to earn half of that you would have needed to place 45th or higher - though bear in mind this is in the context of Magnum Opus which, at 400 people, was the biggest Worlds ever, and the field might be different this year.)

Q. Do I need to fill this in if I think I’m only worth 1 credit?
A. No, as there will be a “write-in” field that people can enter your name to pick you. A lot of 1-point players have overperformed fantastically in previous Worlds, but there’s no need for them to be on the form.

Q. Are there any prizes?
A. There will be no stakes or prizes except internet points and the respect of your peers! It’s also a fun way for people who can’t come to worlds to participate, so by filling this in you’re giving a tiny bit back to those in the community who can’t be at Worlds with us.

Q. I’m a 1-cred scrub but I want to help, how can I?
A. Nag good players who you know are going to fill this in!

Q. Can I fill in the form on behalf of someone else who’s too shy to submit themselves?
A. Yes, as long as you know for sure they’re going, and you mark down that you’re submitting someone else (there’ll be space in the notable tournament placements field)

Q. Should I fill in the form if I’m not going?
A. No, you’re just creating extra work for us checking off each submission against the list of confirmed attendees.

Q. Is this an official NISEI thing?
A. Nope.

Q. Who are the secret panel of moderators?
A. The Illuminati.

Q. What was that link again?
A. This: https://forms.gle/Xra1TFVTvDyGkAG38


BETRUNNER IS LIVE!!! Go to https://www.emergencyshutdown.net and take part in the Worlds Fantasy Draft! Spend your credits on a team of 5 players and get points depending on how they do at Worlds!

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I was 16th, now I’m 68th. This competition was rigged! #bringbackCIyoucowards!


… and huge thanks to Hermit for kindly hosting Betrunner!

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Happy to. Took a couple days after the finals to get all the results in but it definitely shifted some things up! Looking forward to a better experience next year with more things to do. Working on a new engine for it.