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Worlds Queen Bee 2018 - By Sanjay


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/__trashed/

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What a pity I was not aware of our monarch!


This content is yet another attempt to erase people like me, similar to how FFG have have done since rotation.



@Sanjay It is too bad that NISEI doesn’t have an official Community Encouragement Coordinator position. You, sirrah, would have been a shoo* in.

*Intentional misspelling to add some bee-related content.


So, who’s the QB2018?


I am thrilled with our new Queen Bee and I just want to double check with them before posting their name all over the place.

Though I don’t think I remembered to check when we crowned Eric. My bad.


Queen Bee 2018 is Jaxon Gluck!

The list is here.

Also Jaxon is an actual beekeeper which is INCREDIBLE.


It was meant to bee!


That’s what I call commitment!


He was super committed.

He told me if Na’Not’K wasn’t on the list he was going to slot Honeyfarm in his corp deck.


I can’t even begin to imagine the value.




So nice of you to create extra buzz around Worlds. I’m sure it stings for those that didn’t get the title.

I’ll stop droning on now.