World's second chance registration?

This is supposed to be the week that people on the World’s waitlist get e-mails with a chance to register - anyone gotten one?

Really hoping I can go!

Haha, right after I posted this I got the e-mail. I’m in for World’s!

Same here. Go us!

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I added an example of the email to the bottom post of Worlds 2016 - Legend of the Threepeat. Check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folders!

Guess its not looking good for me this year - didnt get a random draw email

You could potentially still get one through EOD tomorrow - don’t give up hope!

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FFGOP tweeted that all emails have gone out. The deadline for people who got them to register is August 26th at 5 PM Central Time (US), and if not all spots are taken then, they’ll be sending out more invites by the same random method.

So there’s still a chance for those of us who tried to register originally, failed due to Yapsody crashing, and then filled out the survey afterwards. I’m in that boat myself.


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Hoping for the best brother - but as it sits right now I did not when the Netrunner draw lotto

I got an invite 2 hrs after the phase 1 deadline (5 PM Central on Friday), saying that I could register with a new deadline (Monday at 9 AM Central). So it looks like what I was saying in my last post is what happened. If people in my situation fail to register by the new deadline, I assume they’ll send another batch of random emails, so be on the lookout Monday morning US / evening EU.

Came up empty brother - sucks cause half the fun is re connecting with everyone I met over the years again. Good luck and hope you have a great time . I think next year im just going to try for gen con

Damn. :confused: There are plenty of others in the same boat. They really need a bigger venue for ANR.

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