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Worlds Side Event: Original Netrunner Sealed Deck

Is anyone interested in a small Sealed Deck tournament at Worlds with the original Netrunner? I still have Starters and Boosters of the original, including the expansions Proteus and Classic. In case there is enough interest I am willing to bring them with me to Worlds for some “back to the roots” fun event. (The packs are opened and registered for reuse, so no costs other then a small starting fee would be set.)

I will bring enough packs for a 8-player sealed deck event. Cards are heavy and I am already at the limit of allowed luggage.

So, to sum it up:

Tournament Type: Original Netrunner Sealed Deck (1x limited starter, 1x limited booster, 1x proteus booster, 1x classic booster)
Date: Friday during or after the cut (I am oppen to suggestions if you have another idea)
Place: To be found (Maybe the FFG game center, the Radisson, somewhere else?)
Rounds: 3 rounds of swiss (65 minutes/round + 45 minutes for building the decks)
Starting fee: 5$
Price Support: Three original Netrunner “promos”: 2 for 1st place, 1 for 2nd place. Participation promos from various game night kits.
The ONR promos were issued as promotional cards for a planned, but never released, Netrunner 2.0 core set. There are six different cards in total, all are cards from the ONR core set with an alternate artwork.
Rules: ONR rules apply. When we start I will go over the main differences between ONR and ANR (trace mechanics, agenda density, click loss, virus mechanics).

In case there is enough interest it is quite possible to hold the tournament multiple times. I have all the cards registered by pack, so the packs can be resorted easily for another tournament.


I’m interested. I keep thinking about making a cube from my huge pile of ONR cards.

This sounds fun, I’d be interested in playing (on Friday for those of us destined to miss the cut, I assume?)…

As the event gets closer, can you PM me details so I can add them to the Worlds 2016 thread? Or just post here and I’ll link back. Whatever works.

Ooh, I might be interested in this.

Consider me in :wink:

Sure, I’ll let you know.

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Interested! Not sure I can remember the original rules from 1996, but I’m sure things can’t have changed that much. :smiley:

I’d be in - although I don’t know the original rules!

Definitely in if it doesn’t conflict with anything.

I think the critical mass is reached. I will bring enough stuff for up to 16 participants.

Any rules, that are different from ANR will be explained by me beforehand. Currently, I am expecting to hold the event during the top cut of Netrunner. If anyone else has a good idea of a time, feel free to share.

I updated the original post with more information. Especially the number of players, the cards are to heavy, so I am ony bringing enough for a 8 player sealed event. But they can be resorted easily for a new mix of starters or boosters.

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Bah, I really want to do this but I will probably be streaming during the cut.

As I said, I am open to suggestions and I am also happy run it twice.

Count me in. Could you post when and where it is or shoot me an email. This will be great.

I have this penciled in for 2:00PM at FFG Center during the Worlds Top 16 Cut.

@ff0x If that changes, let me know. It is in as that for the Worlds 2016 thread and my calendar.

PS: I am also interested. Count me in. Though I want to Gunsling as well, and that’s at the same time you propose.