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Worlds Taco Bell Report

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/worlds-taco-bell-report/

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No love for my 2 favorites, cheesy gordita crunch and Mexican pizza for life

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Next time you’re here, hit up a Golden Corral. I think that all you can eat buffets are the most #Merica thing.

This is the best article Stimhack has had.

that was only 19.46 of tacos. seems like someone needs to take another trip and try again

also, how could we let them down on the cheesy gordita crunch.

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GIving me grief here!

I think the invalid senior discount proves that I actually ate more than $20 of taco bell.


What is “the best” mainstream American fat & carbohydrate food chain ?

No 7-layer burrito? Aw.

Also, the reason the… post-Taco Bell… experience… wasn’t so bad was likely because you didn’t appear to use any of their hot sauces?


Okay now I’m angry. I didn’t know I could eat hot sauce! I feel let down!

oh man! there’s 3 different levels, and they all have completely different tastes too, so it’s totally fine to mix them up however you want

obviously next worlds we’ll have to fix this :coffin::video_game:


Imho miek could have a negative note if there were a sauce use.

Negative notes doesn’t follow Newtonian physics (it doesn’t care of the gravity).

Eh. I don’t eat hot sauce at taco bell. Mostly because I am a pansy and dislike spicy food. :smiley:

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… Wot? Someone really let you down. Taco Bell’s “food” is really just a delivery mechanism for their Fire sauce. Bell without Fire sauce is extreme levels of :missme:.