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Worldwide Regional Results

Confirmed with the TO, Dan Statford was on Whizzard/NEH.

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Holy crap, five!!? There’s no way the smaller ones get more than 15 players. That’s more Regionals than we had Store Champs in Finland this year!

Yeah, the one up north had 4 people, but they scheduled it on the same day as the one at lincon otherwise at least a couple of more people would have traveled probably.

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Entrance fee 100€? :smile:

Which is not even allowed, illegal tournament :rage:

Alright, final update and stats dump from the Colorado Regional is available here.

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I tried to get that for you, but the data is gone. I guess we could ask around and piece it together from memory…?

Regionals this weekend:

  • North America
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada (Stream)
  • Europe
  • London, UK (Stream) - Swiss June 18th, Top 8 June 19th
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands (tourney 1 of 2)
  • Ulm, Germany
  • Varberg, Sweden
  • Australia
  • Hobart, Australia

Anything helps!

Winner of Valencia regional was playing Valencia and ETF. Runner up was Noise and Neh iirc. The top 8 was 7 anarchs and a Hailey. Corps I think 1 HB, 2 jinteki (one of them palana for sure) and the rest were NBN iirc. The TO should post the tourney data soon. If they don’t report it here, I will so you can have more data.

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Just arrived home from Brno. 19 players, 5 rounds Swiss + top 4. I finished Swiss as 4th, went to cut as 3rd seed (one guy dropped after Swiss) and won the cut.

My decks were @Matuszczak’s Haarp Kill (-1 Lily Lockwell, +1 Consulting Visit) and @bblum’s HyperKate (-3 Indexing, +2 TME, +1 RDI, -1 Lady, -1 Turning Wheel, +1 Inti, +1 Legwork).

Top 4

  1. @hsiale Haarp/Kate
  2. @PeekaySK Making News/Whizzard
  3. Jirka NEH/Noise
  4. Markus IG/Hayley

Full results should be on Acoo soon. 2nd place MN deck was something absolutely amazing, using Restructured Datapool and Aryabhata Tech to steal the runner’s credits and stop them from making meaningful runs. I got utterly destroyed by it in first game of finals.


Nice performance, but at this point it can hardly be named after me anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: Indexing is my trademark card!


indent preformatted text by 4 spaces@bluebird503 takes Vancouver B.C. regionals with Hot tubs and Bblum Kate.

Final Standings:

1: Kyle James (@bluebird503) Kate/Gag
2: Dave Cheng (@Bilitherubin) Whizz/Palana
3: Peter Harris NEH/Kate
4: Raj Giri (@grogboxer) Whizz/Palana
5/6: Noah Podolske (Me!) (@Podoboyz99) Whizz/Gag
5/6: Phillip Douglas Whizz/SYNC
7/8: Thung Tran Val/Haarp
7:8: Ryan Berg

Can’t seem to break the 5/6 slot, third regional I’ve finished there. It was tons of fun, thanks for the TO and the stream crew. As @ossa once eloquently said:

“The bluebird strikes again! Cawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”


I’ve seen this deck in action. It’s scary! You either have to be able to trash the Aryabatas quickly or have currents to keep the Media Blitz out of action (so they can trigger Restructured Datapool when it’s stolen). That, or be okay on 0 credits, which is not easy.


Top 8 from London with ID’s, 6th dropped. 77 players day two happening today.


[quote=“tzeentchling, post:506, topic:7252”]
You either have to be able to trash the Aryabatas quickly or have currents to keep the Media Blitz out of action
[/quote]I’m not sure if he actually played Media Blitz, in the game against me, he simply kept me quite poor by using taxing ice and sniping ProCo with BN, then when I stole Restructured Datapool in an R&D dig, he gave me one tag by barely winning a SEA Source trace, played Exchange of Information to take Datapool to his score area and then things went south for me. If it was Media Blitz, I’d have way better chances as at least I’d keep the points.

Salzburg, Austria (11 players):

  1. Adam B. Noise/NEH
  2. Patrik K. Whizzard/NEH
  3. Daniel B. Whizzard/NEH
  4. Markus K. Whizzard/Sol
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Varberg, Sweden (not Switzerland @dodgepong ;P) 12 players:

  1. Jafet Valdez Leela/BaBW
  2. Andreas Svärdman Whizzard/SYNC
  3. Tommy Rosén Whizzard/Titan
  4. Fredrik Jansson Geist/SYNC

Final standings in London (~78 players)

  1. Brendon Jackson: Sol/Geist
  2. Ben Ni: NEH/Kate
  3. Alex White: IG/Hayley
  4. Laurie Poultry: IG/Hayley
  5. David Rogers: Palana/Andy
  6. Seamus Macleod: Argus/Kit
  7. Samuel Pay: Palana/Jez
  8. Johnathan Lockhart: Palana/Whiz

@dodgepong don’t know if you saw my post on Slack, but Ryan (#8) was on Sync Andromeda if you’re tracking this.

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