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Worldwide Regional Results


A place to collect the many US regional results decklists and meta movements. If anyone has decklists or final standings post them here.

If TO’s could post the final standings to http://www.acoo.net/ that would be even better.

—> Results here, add any you have

Full List of Events here


Winning runner


Mason won with Hayley & NEH


Florida won by Tristen playing Leela and RP


Mason was corping with NEH


Here is my Cambridge regional winning corp.



Louisville won by @DJhedgehog on NEH (not sure what build) and Whizzard with Employee Strikes.


Not a lot of IG or asset spammers in Cambridge, I take it? I’m an inveterate criminal, but with the Midwest meta being 75% BS asset spam grinders, life is tough :slight_smile:

@wynalazca gratz on your top-8 run down there!


Louisville had 38 players, down almost 30%; Cambridge was down 20%, interesting to monitor




Also if someone can explain how to add pictures to NRDB descriptions I would appreciate it… I’ve got this great picture of Cher.


Congrats on the win! I think the syntax is just markdown, I.e. ![your description](the-url)


There are more regionals this year, and a lot in April alone. Plus, we’re coming directly off store champ season with no break, so some players might be burnt out.


Is this being replicated all over the US?
In the UK we had multiple Store Champs of that kind of scale, pretty much weekly. Our regionals are mostly looking like topping 100 - some are even sold out at 128 and we’re still more than a month out.


Indeed; I’m interested in monitoring this before conjecturing too much. At least in the Midwest, SC season was down 20-25% as well after the first event of the season, so it’s a continuation of that trend.

Like I said; interesting to monitor :slight_smile:

38 at Louisville, down 29% from 54
53 in Cambridge, down 27% from 73
45 at Tulsa, down 24% from 59
56 in NorCal, down 30% from 81
29 in Florida, down 25% from 40
Overall first weekend: 221 participants in 5 regionals (307 last year, -28%)

@Arkhon you Brits turn out like whoa for this game :); very impressive!


the regionals that happened this weekend had little to no lead time making it very hard for folks to travel economiclly this seems to be whats hurting the early regionals along with a metagame that is less friendly to casual players, that being said NorCal was great yesterday even with only 54 players.


No, there wasn’t a lot of IG in the Cambridge regional. I think there were 3? I believe 1 did make the top 8.

The top seed corp was a really cool Sol deck, piloted by @bakashinobi . I like it, it comes out with wins quickly and rather unexpectedly:

We had 11 Noise and 10 Whizzards in the field of 53. Tons of anarch in the field. The corp side was more diverse, but I don’t have the compete list handy…


Considering how far things go with “this deck has proven itself great online, will people play it”, DLR only had like 5 people packing it at WORLDS right? So it shouldn’t be too surprising if IG and other new archetypes don’t get megapopularity.


There was a ton of DLR at Worlds. Two people in my room were playing it.


Cambridge Regional ID Distribution


Can you explain how I’m supposed to read the chart because it says only 3 people played Near Earth Hub the way I keep reading it.