Worst Icebreaker, Final Round

  • Wyrm
  • Force of Nature

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A surprising final round. Wyrm has had a couple of upsets over some of criminal’s least efficient breakers (not including very large values of efficient) while force of nature edged out some totally overcosted shaper cards to be here. Who will prevail?

Ugh, Wyrm can at least break anything and costs 1 to install. Force of Nature is infused with garbage farts


Remember folks:

1.Force of Nature will be rotated soon but goddamn Wyrm will always be staying in your Core Set box to remind you that it sucks.
2.At least Force of Nature is used to deal with Lotus Field rush in DLR MaxX long time ago.I know I know,it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a bad card,but when did u see the shitty Wyrm being used in a,let’s say,real deck?

Vote for Wyrm for Worst Icebreaker 2016,and let’s hope no other Icebeakers will be this bad.


Poor Wyrm. Thought his time to shine had come when Null was announced. Now he’s back in his little cyber lair. Sulking. He never got to shine as bright as only he knew he could. He never saw his day in this Netrunner thing. Too futuristic and cybery for him. Back to those wonderful worlds filled with treasure and wizards and fireballs and his friends, those other dragons. He looks forward to that. Time to get ready for the one thing he was always good at. Hearthstone cosplay.

Just because I like the little guy I’ll vote for Force of Nature.


Do you think 2c to break one would have made it playable in Null?

I can answer the question easily by just asking which one I’ve put into a deck.

Wyrm’s made the cut for a parasite spam list as Datasucker #4 that doesn’t get purged.

I’ve never played Force of Nature. Ever. Not even in Cube Draft. That’s how bad it is.

If anyone would advocate for Wyrm’s usefulness, it would be me (see avatar). However:

Force of nature is a pumpable decoder in a faction without pumpable decoders and relevant against Lotus Field. It breaks Enigma (probably the most common code gate) for 3 credits.

Wyrm essentially costs 2+ for 1 strength and 3 to break 1 sub and can’t break Lotus Field or any AI-hate ice. It breaks Enigma for 6-9 credits. Even with support, Wyrm still costs 3-6, more than Force of Nature.


Nature > Fantasy to me.
Plus, the drawing is…

Mkay, not the drawing.

If you use both to break Quandary:
Wyrm is 1+3c
FoN is 2c

Considering install costs, those are even at break #2 :slight_smile:

Now considering, say, Archangel;
Wyrm is 14c
FoN is 7c

FoN is better at break #1 \o/

The only codegates where Wyrm is better are str0, 1 and 2 monosub codegates. All the other one are better with FoN from the first break.

Now, kk, Wyrm is an AI. But if you use this for a killer, it’s stupid because Sentries are where you see multisubs.

And if you use it against Barriers in the Corroder faction, it’s not really better :wink:

OK, so now let’s suppose you have r credits and desperately need to break Vanilla or Quandary. I mean, Wyrm is shit, but as an AI, it’s still better to put in a deck. I just have to go with the intangibles here.

My logic is, they’re both bad. Like, unplayably bad. But Wyrm at least does something no other breaker does, while Force of Nature is just a terrible decoder.

They’re both shitty garbage cards, but at least Wyrm is trying to be interesting.


Well, if you prefered Wyrm over any fracter from the fracter faction, you made “strange” deckbuild decisions, no ?

In this case, you will break any Wraparound for 16c :slight_smile:
I’m sure it’s worse than not breaking :slight_smile:

There is no viable deck that include Wyrm. There is plenty with FoN. It’s a Zu, that cost +4c on install and +.5 on break. Some anarch deck, desperate for inf, can afford that.

Caveats: This was pre-MWL. I did take it to the Durham Regional and I believe it was the more winning of my two decks… I distinctly remember being an idiot and dying in one match to something that was preventable, but otherwise I can’t really remember that long ago.

Wyrm is better than Force of Nature because it does something unique that cannot be replicated. Its closest analog is Datasucker, except it requires Money, not Runs, to fuel it. Because Money is a scarcer resource than Runs, Datasucker is undeniably better.

For an argument for Force of Nature being the worst… The ‘best’ deck I can find that includes FoN (amid all the Prof decks that literally have 1x all programs, and another deck that has FoN and Titanium Ribs, and specifically uses FoN for padding to discard it to Amped Up with Ribs…) is this one: Orchid Kim · NetrunnerDB and it even specifically mentions that you should replace FoN with a better Decoder.

(For an MWL-legal Wyrm deck: Androwyrm · NetrunnerDB )

You shut that mouth.

On a serious note though, you’re all making great sense when it comes to Force of Nature vs Wyrm. But still, as an AI, it has the potential for a serious set up then make 1 big run play. Even if you just have EMP Device, and for some reason have to break with Wyrm.

Ugh, you stop that noise with your face @anon34370798 haha

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It’s been two days, so I went to close the poll, but another vote came in to make the results even. We are now in sudden death mode

Wyrm’s fans couldn’t save it, in the end it won the unflattering title of worst icebreaker


Wyrm got the title : @cmcadvanced BOOM, SHAKALAKA

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I’m going to make a deck with Wyrm in it right now. Gonna win worlds with it. Gina go to Mars and win that worlds too. Gonna invent it, yeah.