Worst Icebreaker, Round 2

  • Leviathan
  • Wyrm

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  • Alpha
  • Force of Nature

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Ah, first in.

As I said before, Leviathan is not the worst for certain values of efficient, and we’re entering an age where that just might be relevant.

Wyrm is simply, a bad icebreaker, but a decent story piece for the right deck. Also, the stars have to align, but whatever.

You can’t pair Force of Nature with any other card and have that card win, Force out shits it. Every. Single. Time.

Alpha can break Quandary for 1, not 2.

wyrm should stop being evaluated as a breaker


It’s possible that some people are interpreting this as meaning “which of these cards is worse when used as an icebreaker”, which they can do if they want as there’s nothing telling them not to, but I would assume that most people would interpret this as meaning “which of these cards (that have the type icebreaker) is a worse card”.

Like, if there was a best ICE or a best agendas poll, there should be no reason why you couldn’t have Special Offer or Fetal AI on that poll even though they don’t act much like other ICEs or agendas respectively.

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what is criminals biggest problem ice? big code gates.
what ICE has/is being released? big and little code gates with lots of subs

what does Leviathan do? breaks code gates big and small with lots of subs.
its just a little bit before its time.

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Then why is D4v1d and parasite on the list? They aren’t icebreakers.