Worst Predictions Ever

What’s the worse Netrunner prediction you’ve ever made? Could be that an upcoming card was going to be great/terrible, what the meta would look like, speculations on the MWL, etc.

I’ll start because I remembered this gem from last summer from the Predict the Worlds Meta thread:

You heard it here first people: Criminal, Shaper, & Weyland (Argus rush!) are going to be great. No mention of Anarch and NBN (right after the Astro errata) is too weak to make it. I was off, just by a little bit.


The worst prediction I made is that there will never be an MWL update and even if it was somehow updated it would be really suck.I’m glad that I was wrong.

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I can’t find where I said it, but I really, REALLY believed that Liberated Chela decks were gonna be nutso.


Blood Money was legal for last year Nats in Germany and my prediction was that people would stick to their favorite faction instead of switching to Anarch like they should. The prediction was technically correct, as there was a very good balance on the runner side - unfortunately every non-Anarch I played against had simply payed the influence for RM so my glacierdeck went 1 in 5 that day.

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I predicted that I’ve had worse would be bad–once diesel costs 1 how good could it be? One credit of value is the difference between sure gamble and easy mark, and no one plays easy mark, after all.

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I wrote this terrible prediction before D&D was released. The first and last time I made a cocksured statement.

“I’m going to make the claim(not the first Criminal Runner to do so) that with the release of D&D we we will witness the rebirth of Criminal. I’m currently getting excited for NBN Tagstrom shenanigans, since I believe that Criminal will be the best faction in the meta to avoid or remove tags. In addition, changing the Criminal economic engine from run all the time to High Impact runs, supported with expose effects(a Criminal in faction ability), will be competitive. If you disagree, fine. But the newly coming trashable hardware chip combined with cloud breakers and Geist will be a force to be reckon with”.

I’ll be leaving through the kitchen…

I predicted that Manta Grid was going to be a strong defensive upgrade. At the time we only knew the card name, but my thinking was that we just got rumor mill, which had a specific exception for unique regions. So maybe the plan was to force ash and caprice out of the meta then bring in a replacement on a region. Couldn’t have been more wrong.


When Temujin was released I said it was good, but didn’t think it was awesome. It took me a long time (That is, more than a day) to realize how beyond awesome it was, that no, on average it won’t be taxed 2c on every run and that even if it does you can play it in serves you’ll go anyways.

I bet there are more, but I don’t remember them.


“Argus is gonna be great with all this Targeted destruction!”

IT Department

@cerberus winning Worlds. Right country, wrong player.

Sorry, @Nemamiah!


I thought sensie was the worst of the 4 political assets. It seemed like a worse dbs to me. Boy was I wrong.


i thought Hayley + LLDS + London Library + Chameleon was going to be a thing
i’m honestly not sure why tbh

i also thought Hayley was going to be a thing immediately when she came out since she was basically a better Kate in terms of efficiency (extra clicks > extra credits, i reasoned)

it wasn’t until much later that anyone gave her any serious attention though. pretty much not until Technical Writers and Spycams had come out

That Leela’s ability seemed really low impact.

I was so wrong.


I’m currently paying six influence just to keep running two in my controlling the message deck, and only because I can’t shave out breaking news, and won’t drop global food initiative. in the couple of games I have had since the latest mwl, the influence hit hasn’t been an issue.

Honestly, any ID with X+Y+Z, for non economic or breaking or scoring purpose would always be jank.

Same in corp.

I don’t know how to contribute in this thread, other than STILL thinking Maxx towers are a thing (curent MWL quite destroys it though). #NonRienDeRienNonJeNeRegretteRien

-edit- no, I know :
“Tenin is the best Jinteki ID”, then “Chronos is the best Jinteki ID”, then “Jinteki PU is the best Jinteki”, when everyone knows the best Jinteki ID is the one to be released, obviously.


jank is not always inherently bad though

Me: “Who would ever play False Echo?”
…and “I’ll win this tournament with my Nasir deck”.

I tried Spags, I’m sorry I let you down.
Never stop being my no.1 fan okay :wink:


I thought Faust would be a nice backup breaker that also solves Lotus Field for Anarch. “Backup” turns out to have been a little bit of an underestimation.