Would you like a Netrunner 2.0?

What would everybody think if they made a second edition of Netrunner? It would allow them to fix a few things, as well as exponentially increasing the number of players who play the game, as people will want to get into it. It seems to have worked out for Agot, so couldn’t it work for Netrunner?

Core set 2.0 / Patch – yes
ANR 2.0 – no


No, because I think all this grousing over the current state of the game is a bit overblown.



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Complete lack of news on what comes after Mumba cycle aside, I think the game is in a great place right now. Lots of deck types are viable, and no faction is unplayable. I see no reason to toss that away.


Netrunner isn’t fucked in the same way GoT was.

I think there’s some stuff that could be improved on, such as a smaller window on the rotation system they’re going to be doing, but rebooting the whole thing would probably make me not want to bother buying back in.


I have no experience with AGoT, what were the issues with the first version?

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Yeah, I don’t buy their present rotation plans at all, but that’s something that we’ve gone over a ton. If they want to keep the game accessible to newcomers they need to get the buy-in price lower.

GoT wasn’t “fucked” in any way that netrunner isn’t except that there were 12 cycles + 6 deluxes, meaning that it cost a veritable fortune to play and what with the erratic stocking of product, some cards were inaccessible for long, long periods.

i think it was because of tons of faq’s, clarifications and most importantly inconsistent rulings. i don’t think we get to this point here.

Whilst smoothing the rules formatting of abilities into the modern FFG Action/Reaction/Interrupt templating would be nice I don’t think there needs to be a 2.0.

Rotating out some of the restrictive core set cards and IDs and getting a new core set would be great. A banlist could do similar things though.

A faster rotation policy (4 cycles?) would be best in my mind - sure that means less cards but look at how many in Genesis and Spin were junk. Less packs but more useful content.


Please stop making “is the game over?” posts its really not a good avenue to go down where instead of embracing the living and sometimes anger inducing nature of a changing meta, the discussion is always about whether the game is broken beyond saving which has never been true from my experience.

the game is fine and continues to be fine despite annoying archetypes rising to the top when new cards came out. A long time ago in a netrunner far away there was discussion about the game being over because of account siphon spam decks.

the game keeps changing, keeps recovering and people always find a way to counter or make oppressive decks less powerful with time.


wtf. the game doesnt need a reboot. it’s very very young still… doomsayers, shoo.


I’m not saying the game is over. I just was measuring interest. I obviously didn’t mean now. I meant in the future.

Is anyone going to mention that this already is Netrunner 2.0?


Ahahahah :smiley:

Magic actually changed the entire rules of the game multiple times during its lifecycle and did not need to reboot. I did not play GoT so I don’t know anything about that reboot, I only know I’ve never seen a game that’s needed a complete reboot and can’t imagine how that would be necessary.

Aside from Museum of History’s interaction with floor rules and tournament guidelines, I’m not sure anything is wrong with the game or needs to be adressed, but if you’re convinced there is, the list of good options is something like
Let player driven meta correct it > MWL update > Rotation changes > Banlist > Rules Change > 2.0


I’d like faster rotation. I started playing around the start of san san and it felt like a pretty big buy-in. There are at least a few people I’ve tried to get into the game that were turned off by the barrier to entry.

A revised core set (or something like a “best of” set that collects essentials like multi-access, jackson, fast advance tools, etc) would help to offset the barrier to entry significantly. While you can make a reasonable-enough pair of decks with the core + select deluxes/data packs, trying to get a new player to figure out what archetypes they like and then figure out what data packs support them, and then have them feel like they’re getting 19 cards they don’t care about and 1 that they desperately need is tough.

I would like Netrunner 3.0 very much. Fix all the rules! Template all the cards! Make an actual color pie!

Oh please god no. [quote=“CodeMarvelous, post:11, topic:7380”]
A long time ago in a netrunner far away there was discussion about the game being over because of account siphon spam decks.

This is actually not true. I was there, and it was vastly different from what happens nowadays.


same :slight_smile: plus a tighter rotation window that will cost on the order of $400 to get into would help new players join in! The current rotation policy puts the MSRP of buy in at $800+.

I was also there for Netrunner 1.0 and 1.1, and we’re in a much better place than that :slight_smile:

But hey, looks like people are getting testy, so we should have this discussion elsewhere.


Did we not have a noted commentator (and very recent poster) quit the game over it, or did I imagine that?

EDIT: I can’t find the “screw you guys, I’m going home” post I’m thinking of, so let’s just assume I’m talking rubbish

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