Wrocław, 01-03.09.2017: Polish Nationals

This year Polish Nationals are taking part in Wrocław on first weekend of September and for the first time they will be a 3-days event. Schedule:

Friday: team tournament for teams of 3 people, 6 factions have to be represented within the team, 4-5 rounds Swiss, this day will take place in boardgaming cafe Hex
Saturday: main tournament Swiss rounds, 5 or 6 rounds, cut to top 8 or 16
Sunday: top cut + side event (format: standard with Genesis and Spin cycles rotated out)

FFG Nationals Kit
3 double-sided promo ID cards with art created by Polish Netrunner players: @Luinloth and donmakaron.
Whatever additional prizes we can afford (the event is 100% community-organized and after covering costs all remaining cash will go towards additional prizes).

Signups: by email at jacek.wieszaczewski@gmail.com, signup is cheaper until Friday Aug 11th (PLN 60 for main event, PLN 70 for the whole team for team event.

How to get to Wrocław: this is very easy :slight_smile: The airport is really close to the city and both Ryanair and Wizzair fly here (in addition to several traditional airlines). We also have very good highway connections to Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Berlin and Dresden.

Main page for the tournament: Android: Netrunner OMP 2017 (if you do not use facebook feel free to ask any questions here)
ABR page: AlwaysBeRunning.Net - Tournaments - Decklists - Netrunner

If you wish to receive the custom promos and want to support the event but cannot arrive, this is possible, please PM me for details.


Is there a pic of the customs somewhere? :slight_smile:

Always interested in community customs.

Not yet, the art is still in creation. I will be doing previews of the art during first half of August (as we have to send the files to printing facility until August 16th to have them printed on time).

What I know so far is that two of the cards will be themed around life created by corps and breaking free from them, one being Adam and some HB, the other Ken Tenma and some Jinteki, with art for both sides linked together somehow.

The facebook event has one previously created piece of art of each artist shown in one of my posts.