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[Wrocław] Regionals, 27.06.2015

Where and when: pub Padbar in Wrocław, Kazimierza Wielkiego 1, Saturday June 27th 2015 (registration starts 9:30, round 1 starts 10:15)
Tournament format: according to FFG tournament rules, depending on number of players, most likely 5-6 rounds Swiss + top 8 double elimination
Card pool: everything up to Chrome City (unless strange things happen with Netrunner release schedule)
Signup fee: 35zł (approx €9/CZK 240) for people who sign up and pay until 15.06.2015, 45zł for late/on site signups (foreign players please let us know if you have problems wiring money to Poland, we will try to find a good way)
Signups: by email: sklep@planszak.pl
Payments: bank account number at http://planszak.pl/pl/i/Dane-firmy/14
Prizes: 2015 FFG Regionals Kit + something more if there are many players
Tournament tier: Premier Event (you have to bring a decklist and hand it in at registration)

Getting there: good road connections in more or less all directions (highways to Katowice, Warszawa (most of the way), Berlin, Dresden). Both Ryanair and Wizzair fly to Wrocław, so getting here for a weekend should not cost much if you are in Europe (there’s also a good bus connection with Berlin airport, see polskibus.com for details).

@PeekaySK I hope you and your crew make it this time :slight_smile: Also hoping that there will be people from multiple places participating - last year we had players from whole Poland and also from Germany and Czech Republic