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Your favorite card

I’m the best at coming up with easy topics.

Anyone want to bite? It can be for any reason you wish, theme, flavor text, art, mechanics. Mine is Janus, cause it’s so intimidating it demands respect, and it’s hilarious to land BD with.

The Professor! Unlimited possibilities, limited power. He so completely embodies the inner Shaper I have in my heart, the first thing I do on every new spoiler is look for Anarch and Criminal programs to try out.

Honorable mention goes to Adam, for providing a puzzle with different rules than normal netrunner. He’s so challenging to play correctly, and so rewarding when you do.


Scorched Earth

Amazing art, great composition, Mills looks evil and sexy gorgeous.

Brilliant name, awesome flavour text and one of the many damage cards from the original, but the one with a good, balanced payload.

Right amount of influence to stop it getting splashed around too much.

Runner side runner up
Account Siphon
Similar to the above, good amount of flavour in that little picture. Impact-full effect with decent down side, thoroughly in faction and with well-placed influence costing. Sadly no flavour text.

Old game favourite
Armoured Fridge
I smile every time I think of it! Also it saved my bacon many times. The thought of a hacker inside a reinforced refrigerator furiously hacking away, with dents appearing in the metal door is quintessentially Netrunner to me.

The Americans spelled it incorrectly, but it’s still a great card.


Armor is different from armour. Armour is clearly more affluent

Scorched Earth is the card that defines the game for me.

Apocolypse is insane and a lot of fun.

But most of all I love the tagging mechanic, and I love cards which are interactive - so Bernice Mai.


Nah. Armor is protective gear; Armour is a flavorless sausage brand.

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I would invite everyone to dig deep into their binders to find Zed 1.0!

The artwork and the flavor text on this card are fantastic! They tie in nicely with the idea of dealing brain damage, which the subs do, but unfortunately the subs have to be ‘activated’ by a runner action that ultimately makes Zed’s dream difficult to realize.

Add in the low strength, and Zed is very easily broken by a runner with a complete rig, so even the dream of Zed behind Janus is unlikely to make the subroutines dangerous.

I still love the artwork and flavor text though.



Any elaboration on that?

@BubbaTheGoat You win.

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Self-Destruct: there’s nothing quite like making an IAA/Mushin play a lose-lose proposition.


Tri-Maf Contact.

Love the art, love the fluff, love the risk. <3


Chaos Theory, because she is a nerds dream.

We were all that kid once!


I seemed to have bypassed all that and moved to Whizzard stage alarmingly quickly



Kill him.

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I loved the Caissa. I wish they hadn’t been grossly undercooked (though maybe, given current developments, that was for the best). Moving your chess pieces around on the corporation’s board was fun, and reacting as the corp was fun too - it felt very different and very interesting.


Chronos Protocol. I love how it lets you manipulate the runner (oh, you aren’t checking remotes? Bio-ethics. Oh, you ran last turn? Neural EMP), and I think it leads to really interactive and cerebral cat-and-mouse games as you poke the runner in an effort to open razor thin scoring windows.

Runner side might be stimhack. I love the flavor of getting loaded up on drugs, hacking all night long, and paying for it the rest of your life.

Plus, it’s really, really good.

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Without a doubt my favourite card. Perfectly balanced, a strong effect but expensive enough to be totally reasonable. It makes runners play differently. It can change games. It hit out of the blue from RnD and the emotion hits both players. The runner slumps and as corp YOU KNOW what it is. The glee. Oh, so much glee. They run with medium, better hope you don’t die to TWO SNARES! muhahahaha. Relevant in any deck that kills, meat or net. Always worth a shot. The core set card that keeps on giving. Come on, it even has ! in the name because it’s so awesome.

No other card even comes close.

The art is also superb.

God I love Snare!


Notoriety has been my favorite card, I have been playing it since it came out. I love the mechanic of paving your own way to victory, without relying on the Corp. I also really enjoy how the designers have expanded the mechanic of running all 3 centrals, ala Apocalypse (and QC), and also done the same with runner agenda point cards (Freedom Through Equality).

However, ever since Wireless Net Pavillion came out, I think that might be my favorite, just because it is such a huge enabler for Data Leak Reversal, another one of my favs.