"YouRuleBook" European Championships 2017 Edition

took a while to scan in a decent way, but it’s here :wink:

While packing for the “Biggest European Event (Seriously)” I realised that once it’s over, the commemorative coin and full art Bhagat will be my only physical souvenirs from this glorious get-together… Until my eyes wandered towards the stack of Netrunner cores on the shelf. I cackled like a maniac, fished out one of the rulebooks, packed a few sharpies for the way and the rest is history - thanks, mostly, to all of you who agreed to contribute to this work of art.

I was quietly hoping to get 200+ contributions, but a lot of things got in the way (e.g. I had to lose most of the games I got to play during those lovely days against some of you)… so next time I will be more prepared & organized.

I sincerely hope that this will inspire you to create something similar during your upcoming events - and who knows, maybe you will even share it with us :wink: I just wish someone does something similar for Worlds (I probably won’t be there).

Huge thanks to everyone (players, organizers, hosts, random pokemon running around) for making this an unforgettable long weekend of gaming, fun, and friendship!


This book was one of the more amazing things in Europeans!

Thank you for doing this!

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I think pages 10, 13 and 18 are cut off - could you double check those please?

Great memorabilia!

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Well spotted. Fixed and uploaded at the same URL. Cheers!

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