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[Youtube chanel] BBQ Team TV

Hello everybody, runners, corps,

I just would like to share with you the nearly new chanel of the BBQ Team (groups of french players from Paris and suburb):

You can find videos of tournaments in France and games in relaxing fashion (play and drink beer, the way of life :wink: ). Only few games are commented, only in french … I know it would be better if the comments were in english, but it takes a lot of time to do the job

Let me know, if you enjoy our videos.

The website for other contents, like podcast are available here :

Thanks you.


54 cards HB, Gabe and Scorch NEH everywhere.
Welcome in France ! :smiley:

Gabe run for the fun,
NEH tag and fun,
HB end the fun, what else ?

Fixed that one for you

Yep, that’s sound better :wink:

RP rip the fun :slight_smile: