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15 Minutes - community interviews


Hey everyone!

We have started a recurring cycle of community interviews a while ago and I wanted to make sure we capture your suggestions for people to interview and questions to ask, hence this thread.

Our guests so far include:

  • Sanjay and Greg, two friends reconnecting over Netrunner (and borders).
  • Steven, one of the organizers of the Gaming Vs Cancer charity in UK, which includes a Netrunner tournament during their annual events
  • Richard, the organizer of Charity Gift, an annual charity event in the UK
  • 5N00P1, one of the German meta-makers and organizer of “Hack the Egg” (among other things)

Future guests include (minor spoilers) tournament organizers, event winners, and people exploring the game from unexpected angles.

So, if you think there’s an interesting community member (or members) out there and/or you have questions you’d like to ask fellow players/TOs/artists/etc. - this is the thread :slight_smile:



Very nice! I’m enjoying these interviews, will keep reading! :slight_smile:


New interview!
Andrew and Cassidy, discovering Netrunner in a very archaeological way


…and another one: this time it’s Jakuza of LaseRunner (and not only) fame.