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2014 World Championship Report: 1st Place

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/2014-world-championship-report-1st-place/

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Liking before I read it. I’m sure it sux.

EDIT: 'Fuck this card’
LOL. Loving it already.

EDIT: Finished. Well done and well written. Loved your lead-in; it was longer and more in-depth than the actual report of the games. Great character. Good playing you, and I’ll be glad if you don’t quit ANR.

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Congrats on the win @mediohxcore! I followed the reports on reddit but wasn’t able to post there.

Thank you for the write-up also, currently reading it now!

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So now we know why we don’t see @Nordrunner at the Stimhack league. He’s at Target getting the money to repay Dan. #NordsatTarget


Nice Report , and Gratz on that awesome accomplishment

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Do the Dutch think that Target is a bank or something XD

It’s a store, we know… We have google too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nords is packing bags to earn his money. :pray:


Awesome tourney report! Did you take notes in between rounds to facilitate writing this? I always want to but never find the time during actual tourneys.

No. I tend to remember enough amount about swiss games to write at least something meaningful, and the huge amount of photos (and video where applicable) helped me to reconstruct the finer details of elimination games.

Congrats Dan and thumbs up for the report. Hoping to make the trip over from the UK for next year…



Good to hear I’m planning it to.

I know it’s a shitty trip to make in theory but it was a really great time. Aside from the fact that you get to play games all weekend, the FFG gaming community in particular is an awesome one to hang out with, and the Radisson’s pool and hot tub, as if I couldn’t stress it enough, is a really awesome, well-maintained indoor pool that you can drink beer in. It’d be hard for anyone who plays not to have a great time. One of the biggest downers for me was how few players could make it out from outside of Canada and the U.S. We got some really high-quality players, (most of the national champions, I think), but we were lacking quantity. In particular, I know we have a lot of great eastern European, Russian, and French players who I would have loved to compete against but couldn’t make the trip.

Also, Kroen.


Glad to hear your interest is rekindled, and that you’ll be streaming more in the future! It seems like a long time ago when i watched videos of some guy in a wife-beater playing on Octgn. Then he goes and wins worlds. What the fuck!

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Thank you for writing up your whole experience including the decision to go and the down time between matches. All of it was compelling reading.


@mediohxcore thanks for the enjoyable read, and congrats on the win! Idle thought for the card that you’re designing, a Current that prevents Agenda counters from being spent would be a nice meta shakeup.

The card won’t come out for a long time, so I would much rather make something thats universally strong and interesting than come out with a counter which might counter nothing in the meta by the time it comes out.


I’m looking to organise a group of people from the UK to go to Worlds next year. Having been and had an amazing experience, I really want other UK folk to go. I’m going regardless of if I win Nationals again or not.
As various folk have said, the community was amazing and a huge part of why I want to go back. Though based on what Dan is saying, will need to book earlier and get a place at the Radisson!


Please keep that public, maybe some folks from around (Netherlands) might join up as well…

That was one amusing report. Next time, just skip the bullshit about matches that everyone knows from the stream anyway and give us more of that amusing rambling instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I really, really wanted to come both last year (when I even had a first-round bye) and this year. But there’s two problems:

  • It’s about a $2,000 trip for me, which is not cheap when you’re making $1,000 a month and have a family to support
  • The U.S. authorities are being dicks about granting visas to us second-rate human beings, and being treated like a criminal for four months in order to be able to play some cards for 3 days sucks

Both of those problems would naturally get solved by moving Worlds around for a bit.


I have tons of card ideas, but don’t want to waste your time. Here’s my two favorite ones. (they are somewhat build-around, if you don’t like that I have others)

Cost 4
Ice - Code Gate - Deflector
Redirect may not be bypassed.
-> You may rez an unrezzed piece of ICE. If you do, the runner continues the run from that piece of ICE, encountering it immediately. If you don’t, trash an installed piece of ICE other than Redirect.
Strength 7
Jinteki - 2 influence

The idea behind this one is that it is incredibly good at “ending the run” or doing worse. but if the runner can force you to use it multiple times, it can absolutely ruin your setup, trashing all your other ICE. Stopping it from being bypassed means that it is better at being used to rush out an agenda early, which also puts it in the situation of being exploited.

Delayed Public Introduction
Cost 0
Asset - Condition

0c: Reveal and host on an installed agenda with at least one more advancement counter on it than its advancement cost. You may not advance it. The runner may not steal it.

Trash: 3c
Jinteki - 1 influence

I guess I just made this one because I like Unorthodox Predictions, but it could also be quite good with PR, ABT, Breaking News, and other cards that trigger upon agendas being scored. I think it makes those ICE better in a way that introduces an interesting decision of when best to use the agenda.