2015 European Nationals Info

The date for the UK Nationals has been known for months now, with tickets going on sale and selling out way back on the 23rd Feb, I’ve been unable to find any info on the national events anywhere else.

So does anyone have any information on dates on any others going on in Europe. Or failing exact dates if they’ve not been set yet any rough ideas on when they are likely to be? I’m hoping to be able to attend one (or possibly more?) though it’s going to depend on when they are. The sooner the dates are announced the easier and cheaper it should be to organise a trip to attend.

For what it’s worth the UK National is taking place on Saturday the 29th May (all sold out super quick so don’t plan on coming) at the UK Games EXPO.

Cheers, Jon

UPDATES with known info:

Date: Sat 30th May Sold Out
Side event Sun 31st May, few places left.

France, 27-28. June in Angers


And there is an other item for the saturday festive evening, with the meal included


The TO for Belgium told me that the Belgian national will be the 5th of July, Outpost Brussels, €12 entry.

Germany, 14-16. August near Siegen
Edit: As @Yoshi pointed out, it’s only for German residents (people living there for at least a year).

Date: August 15-16
Location: Ballerup, outside Copenhagen, Denmark
Cost: N/A
Registration: N/A (officially not possible yet, only headcount registration, though apparently if you are on the inside you can buy tickets already)
Other: 64-player cap (preliminary), worlds tickets to winner, accomodation for €39/DKK300


So apparently the 64-palyer cap will be lifted as soon as 64+ players register. Also it seems that prize support includes Worlds tickets smiley So everyone who is interested, I recommend that you email the organizers to register, you will receive an answer mail with additional info upon that and also the possibility to pay and finalize registration…ALSO, there is accomodation available there for a mere DKK 300 or €39 for two nights (you get a bed) including breakfest.

Polish Nationals 29/30th August

Italian Nationals 5th September

Finnish Nationals 12th September

Dutch Nationals 13th September

Slovakia will have Nationals in X-Wing, WH40k: Conquest and Android: Netrunner (taking place in Bratislava) 19/20 September

Polish Nationals will most likely be on last weekend of August of first weekend of September.

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Apparently the Nordic Championship will be held in Copenhagen 15-16 august.

Thanks guys, if you know of any official links to info as well that would be great!

France, 27-28. June in Angers

Germany, 14-16. August near Siegen
Edit: As @Yoshi pointed out, it’s only for German residents (people living there for at least a year).

Edit: Also, fingers crossed for Polish Nationals being in September. Because if they aren’t, I can’t attend any National, which would make me a sad puppy.

29th May? You have nationals before the regionals season is over? I mean,the regionals I will attend is June 7th which is in the middle of the season.

Is the info in English available somewhere on those events?

I’ve heared Dutch nationals will be in Leiden this year, near Amsterdam. No date yet. Could be september…

There’s an insistence from someone (I think the UK distributor?) that nationals happens at the UK Games Expo, which is at the end of May. This means organised play in the UK gets squeezed into roughly Feb-May, with nothing for the other 8 months of the year. It’s pretty frustrating.

Last year the effect was even worse, with Chronos Protocol to fit in as well. Every regional happened within the space of a single week - which happened to be the week I was on holiday :confused:

With the crazy popularity of this year’s national (sold all 128 tickets in about 3 hours, then when another 60 were released they sold in about 20 minutes) there ought to be a solid case that organised play in the UK should be treated a bit better; here’s hoping it will be.


That is crazy. Me and my wife has time for something like 4 tournaments a year. If it was squeezed together like that, we would probably only be able to attend one SC and nothing else.

Also, looking at the timetable for your nationals, it seems like they should split the top to a second day. 8 rounds of Swiss and then top-16? I wouldn’t survive that. :slight_smile:

What do you want to know?
I can tell you that the German Nationals will have two qualifying tournaments on the 14th and 15th, and then a 32 player National on the 16th. Meaning you have two chances to win your spot, which is nice considering few people will be there on a Friday (I’d think). The tournament is held on a castle with a youth hostel, and I think there are still rooms left.
Edit: As @Yoshi pointed out, it’s only for German residents (people living there for at least a year).

The French Nationals will have 5-7 swiss rounds of tournament on Saturday, and then cut to top 16 for Sunday. One of the organizers has said that they will upload some information for foreign players to make it easier to plan the journey and stay. There will also be a BIG CASH PRIZE for the top-placed foreign player.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me or in the respective forums, they both answer questions in English as well!

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French Nationals 27th-28th June - Angers : 6 place Maurice Saillant 49000 Angers, France

Between 5-7 Rounds on Saturday which start at 10:00 am
Top 16 on Sunday

The flight to the worlds and the bye is only for a French, but the tourney is open to anyone
Price pool is composed of the National kit and generaly from remaining items of the season, last year at least top 32 got a playmat and everyone got additionnal alt-art and boxes.
Edit: I didn’t heard about a cash prize for foreign players, it seems uncommon.

It’s 15€ with the Saturday lunch included

The authorized datapack will the last French and English released 2 weeks before the tournament. So it’s will probably be Chrome City knowing that the French releases are generaly between 2 weeks and 1 month late.

Subscription i will be on the Edge website and the link isn’t yet available

The French Warhammer Conquest Nationals will be in parallel, but for Netrunner players who want to participate (and miss the Netrunner Top) a qualifier of 4 rounds to the conquest top will take place during the saturday night.

I don’t know but Melchi said there would be 100 euros for one of the foreigners http://www.run4games.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=7549&start=75#p125436

Maybe he’s too rich. Maybe that’s spare money from no sleeves :slight_smile:

Damn. Next time I’ll see him, I’ll have him buy me a beer. :smiley:

thx synthax and no sorry i’m not as much rich as you seem to thought about!lol, but i will be with a great pleasure that i’ll could drink with you :blush:

so, as you can read here it have an special foreigners prize in the french championnship this year, it’s an special dotation for the best foreigner, a cash prize of 100e euros, a trophee and other goodies,it’s a kind ofsupports for people who would comming cause we know that the travelling is quite exessive, also if you need some other informations about travelling,hotel and others dont hesit to mp myself in the forum run4game under my “game name” melchisadech :wink:

see you

Though most people won’t be able to play in the German nationals since those…guys do not allow non-Germans to attend (I thnik Swiss are also allowed). Which is really weird since everyone else allows non-Nationals to play in any national, even the ones FFG organizes sooooo…yeah.

COOL! Thanks for the info. I am thinking about travelling to one additional National event (other than Nordic and Finnish which I attended last year). France could be cool, also looking into Dutch and others in Northern Europe, maybe Spain if the do it in Barcelona.

you’re welcome :wink:

Though most people won’t be able to play in the German nationals since
those…guys do not allow non-Germans to attend (I thnik Swiss are also
allowed). Which is really weird since everyone else allows
non-Nationals to play in any national, even the ones FFG organizes

I thought they changed that, but apparently they only changed it to include German residents, not only people of German nationality. To be honest, I think that’s really dumb.

Normally you can attend any national but only the “locals” can win the bye (or plane ticket, if there is one).

Hmm, I was thinking about going to the German one. It’s only a 3h drive for me and if you can get some players together, that’s pretty cheap. Didn’t they allow other nationalities last year?

I like attending a lot of nationals. Had a blast last year in Paris :smile:. They should really keep it in Paris :wink:

Booking hasn’t even started yet…?