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2015 European Nationals Info

I’m hoping to make Belgium, along with the UK nats, and there’s an outside chance of me getting to the Netherlands as well. I’m always more worried about going to France though as someone who only speaks English, because in my (admittedly limited) experience it’s always been easier to cope without speaking the native language in N Europe than in France.

They did. And they got a lot of hate for restricting the paid-for worlds trip to german residents. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons they are restricting the whole tournament this year. Plus it was getting too big for them to handle.

So there are still rooms left! :wink:

Not if someone has been hard at work…

That is the same reason I am hesitating regarding France. Belgium would be cool and or Netherlands.

UK is already full I heard, but maybe you already got your ticket? Someone on Reddit messaged me that they were not attending and could sell their ticket but wanted a deal on them keeping the door prize.

You got any info on Belgian/Dutch nationals?

You can come to Nordic championships, we speek english good…jaaaa. Also the Finns were really nice when I visited last year, and English works there too :slight_smile:

Also, the Germans should be a little more like the French, look at the difference

Germany: Not German? GTFO! Not welcome!

France: Not French? Here have €100 for taking the time to play with us (and beating us) :slight_smile: and please come again


I agree. If I recall correctly, last year, some german podcast even donated a prize for the best non-german player at the german nationals. Compare that to this year’s restrictions…

The thing is here we have swiss and belgium buddies, and some of us pay to kick their asses : Paris regionnals are not enough :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the info guys. Doesn’t look like I’m available for the French one and the German one won’t let us play :frowning:

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for updates on the others for around the end of Aug / Sept then, about time I visited Scandinavia to be honest!

@Kesterer yeah I agree that it all seems a bit crammed up and I don’t like that it is at the Expo as that means missing a whole day of the Expo on just one game. A separate event might cost a bit more to attend but could be more flexible with space (given how quick it sold out I think more people would like to attend and we could accommodate continental players as well).

In Holland we welcome you! We let you have our beers, and kiss our girls, so you have a hangover and we can win this year :wink:


Just tell me when and where (hopefully an easy travel destination) !
Holland is actually in the top of my preliminary list :slight_smile:

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After argamas’ post it should be on top of everyone’s list :slight_smile:

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If I understand correctly, the registration for hosting Regionals is not open yet, thus we don’t know which store(s) get the kit, so no date yet

Having lived in Netherlands for 1.5 years now, … MEH.

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A signed alt Gabe was donated by the current(at the time) German champ which was pretty great of him.

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exception to the rule mr Stiv

Belgian national will be in Brussels this year. There is no official announcement yet but the TO wanted to do it at the end of June AFAIK.

But since it would be at the same time than the French national I guess he will reconsider.

It’s a shame for the German one tho. I wanted to attend this year :frowning:


In Poland the 2013 champion won with a hangover. And next year a second place player had one too, so better be careful. :wink:

That’s interesting news. I hope it will be either june or late august/ september? During the summer seems like a bad idea?

They don’t believe your “I just have heavy bones”-story…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: