2016 Colorado Regional - ANALYTICS & T16 DECKLISTS POSTED

I’m going to turn this into my own little MegaThread for the next week or so. For the time being, I’ll have details on the upcoming event here. During the event itself on Saturday, I will be posting faction/identity distribution and standings updates in the topic below. Unfortunately we do not have the equipment available to run a quality live stream, though we do hope to record games and post them afterwards. After the event is concluded (probably sometime on Sunday or Monday), I’ll do a full-blown analytical breakdown of everything at my disposal, much like I did last year. I’ll update the topic title as I go. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Date: Saturday, June 11th
Entry fee: $15
Registration: 10:30am
Start Time: 11am
Tournament Tier: Formal
Tournament Structure: Advanced

There will be a dinner break between Swiss and double-elimination rounds. You may pre-register today by stopping in or calling the store (719-522-1099).


  • A completed and filled out deck list
  • A legal Corp deck and a legal Runner deck
  • Opaque card sleeves for both decks
  • Third-party tokens will be legal


First Place
The winner receives a Regional Champion trophy, one card granting a first-round bye for either the United States National Championship at the 2016 Origins Game Fair in June or the North American Continental Championship at 2016 GenCon in August, and a reserved spot at the 2016 World Championship in November!

Top Four
Each receive a double-sided, spot-glossed identity card featuring Jesminder Sareen and Pālanā Foods.

Top Eight
Each receive a vibrant Regional playmat featuring the Shaper Runner Jesminder Sareen using her console, Maya.

Top Sixteen
Each receive one pack of acrylic credit tokens.

Top Sixty-Four
Each receive one copy of the alternate art card Same Old Thing.


The more players we have, the more Netrunner prizes I add to the prize pool from my own pocket. Drag your friends in, we’ll reward you for it!

25+ Players
While supplies last, Netrunner-themed deck boxes will be awarded to players outside the Top 16 at the conclusion of Swiss rounds.

30+ Players
A batch of common Netrunner alternate art cards will be distributed to players ranked from 5th to 16th at the conclusion of Swiss rounds. Cards available include Jackson Howard, Plascrete Carapace, Wyldside, Swordsman, Chaos Theory, Pop-Up Window, Aesop’s Pawnshop, Adonis Campaign, and Reina Roja.

35+ Players
At least three additional Netrunner playmats will be randomly distributed to players outside of the Top 8 at the conclusion of Swiss rounds, and we’re working on adding more playmats to the pool. The playmats available include a 2014 Store Championship Playmat (Wotan), a Spring 2015 Champion Playmat (Silhouette), and a 2016 Store Championship Playmat (Leela).

40+ Players
We did it, we topped last year’s attendance of 39!
The Regional Champion following the conclusion of the event will receive a Lily Lockwell art print by Matt Zeilinger, available exclusively to the Worlds of Android premium preorder package.

45+ Players
A small batch of rare and uncommon Netrunner alternate art cards will be distributed to players ranked in the top four at the conclusion of Swiss rounds. Cards available include Gabriel Santiago, Corporate Troubleshooter, and Femme Fatale.


We seem to have newer or more casual players that show up at local game night kit tournaments and store championships, but don’t seem to make it out to our regional championships. There’s only a couple dozen of these events across the country and we’re fortunate to have been able to host this event for four years in a row now. I understand a few people might be bashful or nervous about the level of competition, but there’s no need for that. This is the same group of players playing at local casual tournaments around you, we’ve just got better prizes! :smiley:

Well, as it turns out… I am not above bribery. If you come out to our Regional Championship on Saturday and you have not previously attended a Colorado Netrunner Regional Championship, we have a New Regionals Player Prize Kit for you!

EVERY first time Colorado Regional player will receive a package of NINE alternate art cards upon your arrival. When you submit your decklist at the event, let me know it’s your first Colorado Regional and (while supplies last) you will receive the following Netrunner alternate art cards:

  • Chaos Theory
  • Reina Roja
  • Pop-Up Window
  • A full playset of Adonis Campaign
  • A full playset of Aesop’s Pawnshop


Whether it’s your first Netrunner tournament or you’re flying in from Washington for your fourth annual Colorado Regional, here’s a far too detailed idea of what to expect on Saturday at Regionals!

When you first walk into the store, you’ll be in the showroom area. If you have not preregistered, head to the cashier and register there. They don’t need your decklists, or your bye cards, or your life story, just your $15! :slight_smile: Once registered, head through the double-doors on your right into the play area.

Find the guy behind the laptop/printer (that’s me!) in the play area. We’ll begin registration at 10:30am, so just hang out in the area if you’re early (thank you!). We cannot make any exceptions for players who show up late or who do not have decks/decklists prepared by our start time - plan accordingly! Once registration opens, you’ll come up to the computer and hand me your decklists. I recommend using NetrunnerDB, Meteor, or CardGameDB to print your lists, it’ll make my life easier for deck checks and it’ll help prevent you from building an illegal deck. Make sure your name is on your decklists! I’ll check for your name, your agenda point count, your influence count, and typos (not really), and then hand you a scoresheet for use during the tournament itself. Please fill out your name and deck identities on that scoresheet. If you’re a new player, let me know at this point and I’ll hand you some alternate art cards. If you’re a Store Champion and wish to use your Regional bye, hand me your bye card at this point and I’ll get that marked in the system.

Around 11am we will wrap up registration and the tournament software will start spitting out our first round pairings. I’ll do a brief announcement at this point letting people know how many players we have, how many rounds we’ll be running, how many players we’ll be cutting to for double-elimination, and probably some faction/identity distribution stats for the event, because that’s what I do. :smiley: Don’t worry, I’ll share those here for the internet to see as well.

Pairings for each round will be printed and posted on the wall. Find your name, find the table number listed for your match, and then head for that table. Swiss rounds will be 65 minutes long, go ahead and start your match as soon as you and your opponent are ready, I will be starting the timer as soon as the majority of matches have begun.

Please have both of your decks accessible throughout the match. I will be doing random deck checks throughout the day and, if your number comes up, I will grab whichever deck you are not currently playing with.

When your match is completed, BOTH players need to approach the laptop and report the results. If, for whatever reason, I am not currently there, leave your signed and filled out scoresheets next to the computer instead.

Standings will be posted periodically, when this happens please double-check your score and make sure it is correct (you should have 2 points for each game win, 1 point for each timed win and tie).

After the final round of Swiss, we will announce the final Swiss standings, hand out prizes, and then take a dinner break, after which those who made the cut will play a double-elimination bracket to the last man standing.

I know, information overload. But hopefully that gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect, whether you’re completely new to this or a veteran. If you have any questions whatsoever about anything pertaining to Saturday’s Regional event, please ask here and I’ll be happy to tackle them. Thanks!


38 players, just down 1 from 39 last year!

14 NBN
9 Jinteki
8 HB
7 Weyland

17 Criminal
10 Anarch
9 Shaper
2 Mini-Factions

6 Engineering
5 Palana
3 Argus
2 Gagarin
2 Haarpsichord
1 Foundry
1 Harmony
1 IG
1 Nisei
1 PE
1 Titan

9 Andromeda
5 Hayley
5 Leela
4 Valencia
3 Noise
2 Express
2 MaxX
1 Apex
1 Chaos
1 Gabe
1 Jesminder
1 Nasir
1 Professor
1 Sunny
1 Whizzard

Round breakdowns?

*monocle pops off*


Round 4’s about halfway done. Standings after Round 3.

Really like the initiative to give newer players an alt-art prize kit, I hope that attracts some to the regionals! More places should probably do that, might make regionals more appealing for less competitive folks and counteract the decrease in attendance a bit.

10 players here playing in their very first Regional today. They got some stuff. :slight_smile:


Top 8 after Swiss. Finishing up an hour dinner break. Double-Elim starting in about 15 minutes.

  1. Elliott Hedman (SYNC / Whizzard)
  2. Brett Youngerman (SYNC / Leela)
  3. Rick Rowcotsky (SYNC / Leela)
  4. Jon Dalesandry (IG / Noise)
  5. Spenser Lee (EtF / Val)
  6. Martin Borquez (Argus / Val)
  7. Mike Summers (SYNC / Andy)
  8. Kevin Sylves (NEH / Leela)

1 Whizzard player out of 39 - and he ends up 1st after Swiss.


Whoops, updated Facebook and Slack chat, forgot to post here. So much for “live” heh. Final standings here. Full decklists for Top 16 and other stats in the next few days.

  1. @Sirris (IG / Noise)
  2. Rick (SYNC / Leela)
  3. Kevin (NEH / Leela)
  4. @Elliott_Hedman (SYNC / Whizzard)
  5. Brett (SYNC / Leela)
  6. @mike_summers (SYNC / Andy)
  7. Spenser (EtF / Val)
  8. Martin (Argus / Val)
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4/5 are swapped. Kinda like Andy rebirthing into Hayley.

See, this is why I wait and get sleep before running the other stats… Can’t even get Top 8 right lol. Edited to fix.

Congrats @sirris! 4th time’s the charm!

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Alright, here we go. Full standings and decklists for each of the Top 16 players is available on Acoo here.

Faction Distribution

Identity Distribution

Faction and Game Win Distribution

Match and Game Win Data

Not listed below, there were also four matches that were Intentional Draws, one in the fourth round and three in the fifth round.

Faction vs. Faction Data

The Shaper vs. NBN stat is probably the most surprising bit to me in this post.

Player Faction Pairings

Top 16 Final Swiss Standings

Top 16 Final Standings


First let me congratulate you on your event. Sounds like everyone involved got something cool for their attendance, which is good. There are some troubling aspects to this, though:

Zero Kate players. Zero.

Despite your huge attendance “kickstarter” you still had one fewer player than last year.

Despite the fact that there was a huge swath of NBN and Criminal players, at the end of the day, it was won by IG/Anarch.

This shit is absolutely on fire and no one will admit it.