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5/30 - I'm Board! - Madison, WI Regional - Pre-Registration Available

Anyone in Wisconsin probably already knows about this and our store is not too worried about seating (we only have 20-30 people signed up so far). If you’re planning to come, you should sign up (you’ll be on your honor committing to $10 to play).

I’m not saying there will be seating issues, but I think there could be with our location if enough people are traveling. Signing up will definitely guarantee you a seat.


P.S. I do not work for this store nor do I represent it. I’m just a local player who wants to give the event its best chance at success.

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Signing up now. My fuck, the Louisville regional was $20, I thought that was spicy.

I dunno. Par for the course out here, assuming that the site isn’t a flub. We don’t pay to participate in league play either and that’s apparently not true for other locations. We do pay for our monthly tournament at this point, but that’s it.

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Cost of living is cheap in WI. That includes ANR.

Having lived in Pittsburgh, its much lower there. WI feels expensive to me. @bblum $5 dolla regionals?


Well, Pittsburgh is bumfucknowhere. :wink:

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Whatcha talkin 'bout? To the south, West Virginia and all her glorious wilderness and majesty! To the East, a fortress of mountains and hicks to keep the Philadlephians at bay. To the North, Bufallo/Erie/Cleveland! And to the west, Eastern OH/Columbus!

Oh wait… I see it now.

All that said, Pittsburgh itself is a wonderful place and doesn’t feel like its in the middle of nowhere. Plittsburgh is a place to be. It will always be that place I call back to. But, around it, notsomuch.

Go Stillers


I always felt like cost of living was a slight bit more than MKE in PITT. Could be wrong.

Depends greatly on the thing. There’s no sale’s tax on a lot of things in Pittsburgh, but there are local taxes which WI doesn’t have. Consequently property (I have a house now btw; east side, so MKE events are a more real possibility, only an hour out now) is more expensive in WI, at least round where I work, may be anomaly; but property taxes are on average much higher.

I think pay is a bit lower in Pittsburgh as well, which might be deflating the cost of living there. And the property cost probably goes up significantly as you get closer to the core of the city.

On the whole Madison is more expensive, can’t really speak for MKE.

I’m likely to be moving to Madison, I bet I’ll see a COL increase. I was renting 1400 sq ft for 850/month until last week…now 1k for 780.

Sounds about right. 1400 sq ft ought to cost you 1100-1300 on the west side of madison depending on location/condition.

MSN area is the priciest in the state. Job growth, such as your employer, state capitol, and UW all contribute to that.

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The one weekend of the year I’m travelling for work! Still, maybe my first tournament shouldn’t be regionals…

Atlanta regionals was $25 with no extra prize support. I have many thoughts about this, but it would probably be prudent to hold my tongue. Suffice it to say that we were not happy about it.

Store owners, don’t gouge your player base. You may come to regret it.


Wow. ANRPC looks quaintly grand by comparison. I thought CHI was bad last year, charging $10, but got 80+ and gave put very little extra.

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Madison, WI… It’s so hard for me, to sit back here, on OCTGN, looking at a store, charging $10, when last year, I spent more money on broken card sleeves, in game stores from one side of this world to the other, than I’m Bored sold in Netrunner cards.

You’re talking to the Regional winning, Net running, Agenda stealing (WOO!), Data Dealing, Tag riding, Stim hacking, son of a gun. And, I’m having a hard time holding these playmats down! … WOO!


To be the man, you gotta beat the man.

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Does this mean you’re doing a bunch of coke before the Madison Regionals too?

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No different than any ANR tourney I participate in.


I’m looking forward to this (my first regional). I’m hoping to provide just a bit of competition in my games but mainly just have fun playing this great game.