7-point CI shutdown puzzle thread

As I play games of 7-point CI online I sometimes find really close situations where I’m not sure if I can combo, take a screenshot, and figure it out after the game. Sometimes these make really good logic puzzles, hence this thread to perhaps start a nice collection of them.

Here is my most recent decklist, and here is @mediohxcore’s writeup with videos. I put some example combos for reference on my decklist description. Unless otherwise mentioned all puzzles will use this list (no 2nd interns, no 3rd SFSS, etc).

Here’s Puzzle #1. Note that the interns is stranded in your hand. Can you win through 1 clot (only need to make CVS once)? Hard mode: through double clot? If not, what’s the minimum extra cards/creds you need?

(That’s a hand of jackson jackson EC PV GFI shutdown AD AD kaguya kaguya kaguya biotic interns archived BLC BLC.)

The best solutions so far are $12 to win through single clot $8!! by Niles, below, and $19 through double clot; solution spoiler

More puzzles to come eventually. Submit your own and so forth. Use [spoiler] tags please.


Already 10 people have clicked on the solution spoiler but nobody has replied with their attempt. I am disappoint!

Here’s a warmup, Puzzle #2. Combo through single clot. One of your 2 SFSS stranded in hand.

[quote=“Solution”]Biotic ($4 spent, **** clicks remaining)
Mirror JJJ 5 ***
PS 6 **
AD → mirror EC PV, RO AD, SFSS 9 *
AD → intern CVS, SFSS, sublim 9 *
Score with CVS take clicks 12 ****
AD → intern GFI, SFSS, RO kaguya 14 ***
Triple kaguya
AFAIK double clot combo is not possible here.
Using sublim plus the biotic from hand to resequence the first 2 piles, avoiding the need for 2 SFSS in same pile.

Puzzle #3, a slight variation (single clot again, but no mirrormorph in hand):

[quote=“Solution”]Biotic 4 ****
jackson 4 ***
jackson 4 **
PS 5 *
AD → mirror EC JH PV, RO AD, biotic 12 **
AD → intern CVS, SFSS biotic 17 ***
SFSS from hand 17 *
Score with CVS take clicks 20 ****
AD → intern GFI, SFSS, RO kaguya 22 ***
Triple kaguya
Using the biotic from hand as a bad mirrormorph, playing biotic the normal way in the combo pile, plus AGAIN to cope with the stranded SFSS.

Edit: Puzzle 3 can be done in 18 rather than 22 by resequencing pile #1 to include a SFSS.


This nonsense is too hard for me, Ben. I’d rather slam Oaktowns behind Hives and hope the Runner can’t get in. All this math stuff is for the champs.



Going for it when I get home, watch this post. How do you use spoiler tags? The example in OP doesn’t do it apparently.

Biotic (15cr, 4cl)
Install Jackson (15cr, 3cl)
Shutdown (14cr, 2cl)
AD ->SfMM(Jackson, EC, Food), Biotic, Reuse(Interns, AM, BLCx2) (16cr, 3cl)
AD ->Interns(Jackson), AM(AD), SfSS(EC) (15cr, 2cl)
AD ->Interns(CVS), SfSS(EC), SfSS(Food) (14cr, 1cl) Pop CVS, Score EC, take clicks (11cr, 4cl)
Install PV (11cr, 3cl)
Kaguya x3, score Food & PV.

Guess I’ll try hard mode? Or let me know if I whiffed on something here, but I don’t think I did. Only one interns makes this tougher than other versions.


You can’t make me!


Sadly, I don’t really understand power shutdown combos. Midseason+Psychobeale is enough math for me!

Could you number these puzzles so we can keep our solutions straight? :smiley:

Just watched bblum play this on Jinteki.net (and win).

A thing of beauty.

Puzzle #4 Easy: win through no clot; intermediate: win through 1 clot; impossible(???): win through 2 clot

[quote=“Easy solution - maybe can be done more cheaply than this?”]Shutdown ($1, **)
Mirror JH PV EC ($2, *)
AD → sublim biotic SFSS EC ($6, ***)
Interns JH from hand ($6, *)
AD → interns jackson SFSS EC biotic ($11, **)
Score take clicks ($11, *****)
Click for credit ($10, ****)
AD → interns GFI SFSS GFI [wasted combo slot] ($11, ***)
Triple kaguya

[quote=“Intermediate solution”]Shutdown ($1, **)
Mirror JH PV EC ($2, *)
AD → sublim biotic SFSS EC ($6, ***)
Interns JH from hand ($6, *)
AD → interns jackson biotic SFSS EC ($11, **)
AD → interns GFI biotic SFSS GFI ($16, ***)
AM and install CVS ($16, *)
Score EC with CVS, take clicks ($19, ****)
Triple kaguya (1 useless click at end)
This version uses the 3rd pile biotic (plus AM from hand) as an expensive interns for CVS. If you had 2x interns in the deck it would be cheaper, but the whole point of this one is the only interns is in your hand to start, so…

It apparently doesn’t work if you have paragraph breaks (ie 2 newlines in a row).

Can you give me an ELI5 example nothing is working for me. Is it supposed to be [spoiler]/spoiler], < Spoiler>/Spoiler>, or what? Thanks.

[spoiler]blah blah blah
blah blah blah[/spoiler]

but not:

[spoiler]blah blah blah

blah blah blah[/spoiler]

Square brackets.

Okay, then I have no idea what I’m doing wrong why is this part harder than the puzzles


Lowercase S in spoiler?

Great solution, btw. Bonus points for being possibly as cheap as $6 if you have 5 or more cards to reuse.

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Puzzle #3

Biotic (18 cr, 4cl)
Install Jackson (18cr, 3cl)
Shutdown (17cr, 2cl)
AD ->SfMM(Jackson x2, EC), Interns(CVS), Rec order (AD) (14cr, 1cl)
AD ->Interns(Food), SfSS(EC), Biotic (9cr, 2cl)
AD ->Biotic, SfSS(EC), Rec order (SfK) (3cr, 3cl)
Pop CVS, Score EC (0cr, 3cl)
SfSS(Food) from hand (0cr, 1cl)
Take EC clicks (0cr, 4 clicks)
Install PV, (0cr, 3 clicks)
Kaguya x3

Edit - Fixed miscounts

You miscounted credits by 3, leaving 1 cred off the cost of each AD pile. It’s otherwise structurally the same as the solution I gave.

I think the real question here is: how do you sort your hand on Jinteki

I’m going into goldfish mode after each game, and reconstructing HQ by hand, to make it look nicer. Same reason as why there’s not a lot of useless ICE and duplicate mirrormorphs and so forth.

Figuring out which cards are which in an unsorted HQ in a real game sucks (I miss OCTGN…).

Puzzle #4, Fixed for one Clot

SfMM(Jackson, EC, PV) (18cr, 2cl)
Shutdown (17cr, 1cl)
AD -> SfSS(EC), Biotic, Subliminal (13cr, 3cl)
Interns(Jackson) from hand (13cr, 1cl)
AD ->Interns(CVS), Biotic, SfSS(EC) (8cr, 2cl)
Pop CVS, Score EC, Take Clicks (5cr, 5cl)
AM(Jackson) (5cr, 4cl)
Install Jackson (5cr, 3cl)
AD ->Interns(Food), SfSS(Food), Biotic (0cr, 4cl)
Kaguya x3 (0cr, 1cl, 7pts)

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This answer doesn’t get the interns out of your hand before your pile 2.

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